Zimbabwe: was Mugabe's fall a result of China flexing its muscle?

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The 21st century’s new global superpower is not just Zimbabwe’s ‘all-weather friend’ and top trade partner, close ties go back to the 1970s liberation era

A visit to Beijing last Friday by Zimbabwe’s military chief, General Constantino Chiwenga, has fuelled suspicions that China may have given the green light to this week’s army takeover in Harare.

If so, the world may just have witnessed the first example of a covert coup d’etat of the kind once favoured by the CIA and Britain’s MI6, but conceived and executed with the tacit support of the 21st century’s new global superpower.

(November 6, 2017)  Mugabe fires vice president

Emmerson Mnangagwa was Zimbabwe’s powerful vice-president until 6 November, when he was fired by Robert Mugabe. 

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Link : Zimbabwe: was Mugabe’s fall a result of China flexing its muscle?


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