Young entrepreneurs in Syria: 'they'll rebuild what the war has destroyed'

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As the war enters its sixth year, an entrepreneurship programme in Lebanon is training the next generation of Syrian business owners

It could be any other startup bootcamp. Thirteen teams nervously chatter among themselves, waiting for Dania Ismail, director of Jusoor, to open proceedings. But these entrepreneurs are from Syria and many will have gone to great lengths to travel to Lebanon to take part. “We had a participant coming from Aleppo and it took him 26 hours to get to Beirut,” Ismail says. “It’s usually a six-hour journey. He got on a bus that drove off the road because Isis was shooting at them … it was a big adventure but he made it.”

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On the human side, it’s hard. It’s not about building the next Google. But I want to exist. I want to do something

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Link : Young entrepreneurs in Syria: ‘they’ll rebuild what the war has destroyed’


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