World Cup: countdown to opening ceremony and the first game – live!

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Here’s the Queen in action today. I’m taking this as official confirmation that she is supporting Nigeria.

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I’ve been sent the results of a survey of English fans conducted by an online gambling company. In what must have been an infuriating result for said online gambling company, looking for a headline-grabbing, eye-catching result from their expensively-commissioned (I’m guessing, it might have been cheap) survey, the most popular answer to the question “who is going to win the 2018 World Cup” was “don’t know”. After that came Germany and then Brazil. This reflects surprisingly well on English football fans, as these are probably the three most sensible answers at this stage.

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Mitch Zachi has tipped me off about a solar-powered, LED-panelled T-shirt that at the flick of a switch changes between the English and Russian flags, “allowing you to support England inside the stadium and stay out of trouble on your way back to your hotel”. “Just one click is all you need to switch sides in a tricky situation,” they say. “Our intuitive button is easy to locate and operate, even after vodka.” Unfortunately, it’s out of stock (and probably fictional).

12.11pm BST

I’ve just received a full running order of the opening ceremony. It’s strictly embargoed until the ceremony begins, so I can’t tell you much, but Robbie Williams fans are going to be very happy. His widely-touted appearance is no mere cameo.

12.08pm BST

The official World Cup portrait photos have been a mixed bag, full of comic poses, chummy bromances and also distracting shadows. Here’s a sample of England’s:

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12.04pm BST

We asked our readers for their experiences of VAR around the world. Here’s what they said. Sample quote:

I’ve visited Russian tea rooms before to have my fortune told. Given the long-standing tradition for this in Russia, it may be a more efficient way of deciding close calls this summer. Give the fourth official some soggy tea leaves and let him sort it out. It’ll surely go more smoothly than VAR

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11.56am BST

Julen Lopetegui and Real Madrid have scheduled a press conference for early this evening (7pm CET, to be precise). In the circumstances, you’d have thought it might be better just to keep quiet for a few days. It will happen just an hour after his stand-in Fernando Hierro undertakes Spain’s pre-match press conference in Russia.

11.32am BST

You know World Cup fever is taking hold when in the 10 minutes since you last checked the picture wires 500 new photos have arrived and major international agencies think we might want to see random Australians having lunch.

11.10am BST

“Here in rule-loving Switzerland, the local police have recently issued a statement about the use of car horns following matches,” writes Adam Horridge. “Interestingly enough, they have said they will ‘indulgently’ allow a maximum of 1 hour’s worth of car horn honking after a game to allow fans to express their ‘joy or disappointment’. So I’m already planning to head straight down to the car park following England’s 2-2 draw with Tunisia on Monday night.”

Here’s the official announcement from the canton of Vaud. It’s really impressive forward planning, though expecting supporters to “express their joy by expressing the rules of road traffic” might be going a bit far. I for one have never been moved to mark moments of particular happiness by ecstatically using my indicator or joyously maintaining an appropriate stopping distance.

The end of the matches will inevitably generate gatherings of fans who will express their joy or their disappointment, notably by forming motorcades of vehicles in the urban centers and by honking continuously. These gatherings, as long as they do not unduly disrupt traffic and public order, will be tolerated … The municipal police and the cantonal police of Vaud recommend that supporters express their joy by respecting the rules of road traffic and are cautious so that the party remains beautiful until the end of the event.”

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Well if it isn’t time for elevenses (insert alternative excuse for a scone if in different time zone). Here’s a short reading list for those heading out on a break. First, how Sporting’s meltdown is dominating Portuguese football:

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10.51am BST

My general opinion on sporting theme tunes is, if it wasn’t written by Keith Mansfield, I’m not interested.

10.47am BST

While away a happy half-hour or so with World Cup Classic YouTube. Do you agree that this is “the greatest ever World Cup TV theme tune, hands down”?

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10.43am BST

It’s not uncommon for hosts of major sporting events to make significant improvements to national infrastructure in a bid to impress their guests. Russia, apparently, have been tarting up their prisons. This just in from AFP:

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said he had been freed on Thursday, the same day the World Cup kicks off in the country, after serving a month-long sentence for organising an illegal protest.

“I’m with you again after a 30-day business trip. I’m so happy to be free,” he wrote on Twitter.

10.26am BST

A former goalkeeper writes:

On the day of the World Cup opening ceremony, it’s always important to remember… HE HAD IT COVERED. #WorldCup

10.23am BST

There are four hours and six minutes to go before live British TV coverage of the World Cup begins. You can fill a little bit of the downtime with this superlative quiz!

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10.20am BST

“I believe Mourinho is in the process of signing her up for next season,” says Stuart Morphet of the elephant. “Parking the elephant seems more effective than parking the bus. Especially if you use a real elephant.”

10.20am BST

I’m loving this Christian Benteke selfie, mainly because it suggests the way he uses running machines is by lying on them:

Fixtures are out, London derby to start Back to training, lost to the running machine today, more tomorrow ‍♂️ @CPFC #CPFC

10.13am BST

Here’s a really good interview with the former Egypt striker Mido:

I was 150kg and I reached a point where I couldn’t walk 30 yards. If I did, I started to feel pain in my back, my joints and my knees. I remember I was getting off my boat in Egypt five months ago – this day is the turning point in my life – and I was walking off on to an island. I had three friends with me and it was 300 yards to the end of the island. The sand was a bit heavy and it was a bit sunny and I said to them: ‘I cannot walk.’ I had to sit for 30 minutes. I was only 34. That was the moment the switch flicked.

Two days later I saw the doctor. He asked me to do blood tests. When I had the results and the doctor started to talk to me, I knew I had to change. He told me that my cholesterol is 320 and that the top of the average is 200. He said I was on the edge of being diabetic. And, to be honest, the doctor told me that if I continue with my lifestyle, there is a more than an 80% chance that I’ll die before I am 40. He told me: ‘You will die.’”

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10.10am BST

We’re starting to receive pictures of England’s training session, which I believe is still happening as I type. They don’t appear to be playing football – so far they are all of people playing catch with this tiny-rugby-ball-with-a-tail contraption:

10.05am BST

There are several questions that arise from this picture. Why is an elephant playing football? Who made her do this? What is humanity coming to? And hasn’t she just kicked the ball into the Germany goal? Is her 90% hit rate the result of park rangers fibbing?

9.42am BST

Here’s the Press Association’s England update:

Marcus Rashford was again absent from England training as the World Cup opener against Tunisia edged closer.

The 20-year-old bolstered his chances of starting Monday’s Group G clash with a man-of-the-match display in the 2-0 friendly send-off win against Costa Rica last Thursday.

9.34am BST

It is just about acceptable to talk about the Premier League on the first day of the World Cup, but this is out of order.

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes… ⚽@louissaha08 shows off his skills on the #CarabaoCup tour of Vietnam.

9.33am BST

News just in! Here’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a small Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

9.20am BST

England injury news: Marcus Rashford is apparently going to miss training again today.

9.17am BST

The refereeing team for today’s World Cup opener (and all World Cup matches) is enormous. Nestor Pitana will hold the whistle, with fellow Argentines Juan Pablo Bellati and Hernan Maidana running the lines and Sandro Ricci from Brazil the fourth official, while Emerson de Carvalho, also of Brazil, is the reserve assistant referee. Then Massimiliano Irrati of Italy is the VAR, Mauro Vigliano of Argentina the assistant VAR, Carlos Astroza of Chile the offside VAR and Italian Daniele Orsato the support VAR. Just two more officials and they’d have a full XI!

9.14am BST

Here’s our story on the Premier League fixtures. I’ve always got a holiday booked in August, which is a significant gamble for any season-ticket holder. And it hasn’t worked out this year: my team’s at home in three of their first four games:

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9.01am BST

Bong! The Premier League fixtures are out!

Announcing the 2018/19 Matchweek 1 #PLfixtures

Full list

8.52am BST

Here’s today’s transferrumourly digest:

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8.49am BST

There seems to have been some kind of opera-based alcohol-fuelled fun in Moscow last night. The picture wires are absolutely full of photographs of bibulous singers and assorted hangers-on. Placido Domingo was present.

8.34am BST

“Never mind all this World Cup hullabaloo,” writes Jonny Mac, “did I hear that the Premier League 2018/19 fixtures are out in about half an hour?” You may have done. If you didn’t, you possess the gift of clairvoyance and should introduce yourself to Glenn Hoddle at once, for it is true.

8.22am BST

Also from Saudi Arabia comes this snippet about the opening ceremony, which for some reason hasn’t been as widely advertised as the appearance of Robbie Williams. This is the Saudi Arabian Football Federation release:

Children of martyrs will be participating in the 2018 World Cup opening ceremony on Thursday, the day where Saudi Arabia will be playing against Russia the host country at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow at the initiative of the General Sports Authority with the support of the Chairman of the Board Mr Turki Al-Shaikh.

11 children of martyrs have arrived in Russia days ago, will enter with the Saudi national team players before the start of the awaited encounter which is a major media event worldwide.

8.15am BST

It’s good to see an unashamedly mother-lovin’ footballer. Here’s Saudi Arabia’s Ali Al-Bulaihi on the debt he owes to his mum. “She is the reason for my success and the reason why Ali Al-Bulaihi is the person he is right now.” She’s also the reason why he speaks of himself in the third person, which in general life is to be avoided at all costs but which I find amusing and endearing among sportsmen.

“Behind every success in my life, stands my mother”
Ali Al-Bulaihi#OurFalcons

8.09am BST

Hello world! It’s happening!

8.03am BST

And with that, it’s time to hand over the reins to Simon in London, who will take you through to kick-off time in Moscow. Then you’ll have the pleasure of Barry Glendenning’s company for the game itself. From me though, it’s goodbye and thanks for your company.

7.50am BST

Really, without meaning to bang on too much about kits (even though it’s probably too late), this graphical history of the 32 competing nations’ strips throughout the ages is very good. I’d forgotten about Belgium ‘82. In fact, ‘82 was a vintage year. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for the aesthetic of that time.

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7.40am BST

Oh look, here’s Thomas Hitzlsperger, veteran of 52 Germany caps, on his nation’s chances of adding a fifth gold star to their badge. In his first Guardian World Cup column, the former midfielder says recent displays suggest Joachim Löw’s team may have taken their eyes off the ball.

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7.32am BST

On the subject of kits, the World Cup is a poorer place for the absence of the likes of this Sideshow Bob-inspired affair from the A-League’s Mariners:

Such a shame @mike_hytner that the Central Coast Mariners are not, er, a country. #WorldCup
Fashion’s first 11: which is the most stylish World Cup kit?

7.27am BST

“I know it’s probably blasphemy to say so but I hated the England ‘82 kit when it first came out and haven’t changed my mind 36 years later,” writes lancaster43, who will now be ceremonially burned at the stake. I particularly enjoy the nod to the ‘82 kit in the current “pre-match” shirt (which I think used to be called a training top). Anyway, this from JD Sports’ website:

This men’s England Squad Pre-Match Shirt from Nike is the same shirt that’s worn by the team when readying up for a game. In a fresh white colourway, it’s built from innovative Dri-FIT fabric, which wicks away sweat to keep you feeling cool and dry – however tense the game gets. The lightweight jersey features a crew neckline and short sleeves. Finished with the signature Swoosh and legendary England crest to the chest.

7.19am BST

It’s just past 9am in Moscow, and just after 7am in London, which means Simon Burnton should be awake and nearly be ready to take control of this liveblog. But before he does, and while he wends his way to the hotseat, have a look at this from him, on the making of that utterly brilliant BBC World Cup trailer. An incredible 600 (six hundred!) tapestries were made for it.

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7.08am BST

The Saudis are one of seven teams at thisWorld Cup from largely Muslim nations and their game tonight comes during the festival of Ramadan. Fasting during daylight hours is, of course, obligatory during Ramadan, which poses a few problems for the players. The Saudis’ situation has been further complicated by the fact they are based in Saint Petersburg, where summer days are lengthy – there is currently 18 hours of daylight to be precise. Paul MacInnes profiles the teams affected, and how they have found various ways of tackling the issue.

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6.59am BST

Achilles is putting his faith in Russia, but who would he have gone for had he been able to read our experts’ guide to tonight’s teams? Here, Gosha Chernov and Greg Wilcox, part of the Guardian’s international football network, provide a comprehensive lowdown on the two sides:

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6.43am BST

We’ve had Paul the Octopus, Fred the Ferret, Soothsayer Hog, Citta the Elephant, Flopsy the Kangaroo and Madame Shiva the Guinea Pig, to name but a few of the many psychic animals who specialise in predicating sporting results. Now we can add Achilles the Cat to the list. The feline, who resides in Saint Petersburg, is set to tread in some illustrious footsteps by making predictions for the tournament in Russia, although whether he can live up to the standards set by the ground-breaking Paul, who was famously accurate in his predictions at the 2010 World Cup, is yet to be seen. Achilles, who is deaf – allowing him to fully concentrate on his decision, apparently – has tucked into a bowl of food with the Russian flag on it, signalling a win for the host nation against Saudi Arabia tonight.

But if you prefer your predictions with a more human touch to them, here our very own soothsayers gaze into their crystal balls and deliver their verdicts:

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6.29am BST

If you’re a quick reader and have about nine minutes spare, this by Ken Bensinger, on how we ended up in Russia for the 2018 World Cup, is a must read.

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6.25am BST

We all have our favourites. Brazil ‘70, Holland ‘78, England ‘82, Denmark ‘86, to name a few of mine. But are there any classic kits in the making this time around? Peru’s is a definite contender, I feel.

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6.07am BST

In case you missed it (and because it’s a personal favourite)… what do you do when you’re a Spanish journalist wanting to ask Antoine Griezmann about his future at Atlético Madrid but the France team’s press officer will only allow questions in French (specifically to prevent anyone asking questions about Griezmann about his future at Atletico Madrid)? This:

⚽ Quan el teu francès no és prou bo per fer una pregunta, i fas ús del traductor automàtic del mòbil:

5.56am BST

Fire alarm update: not sure if it was the smokers round the back of the bike sheds or something else, but there doesn’t seem to be a real fire. Still, that was about as fun as it was expected. Anyway, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can carry on, come what may. All of which leads us nicely to a coach who knows a thing or two about firefighting, Russia’s Stanislav Cherchesov. Stuart James profiles the man hoping to ramp up interest in the host nation after a string of recent poor performances. Includes the quote: “You would be hard pushed to get around the labyrinth of the Russian soul.” From a football coach. Impressive stuff.

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5.48am BST

And there goes the fire alarm at Guardian Towers in Sydney, with the impeccable timing of a late Bryan Robson run into the box!

5.40am BST

“Hard to get super excited about Russia v Saudi Arabia but Football is Football and the World Cup is on,” writes Ozgooner85. Isn’t that why they’ve plumped for Robbie Williams? Although the irony of him singing Let Me Entertain You before kick-off will not be lost.

Still, there are players capable of lighting up the Luzhniki tonight. Mohammad al-Sahlawi being one, for example.

5.32am BST

And what of yesterday’s decision to award hosting rights for the 2026 World Cup to the US, Canada and Mexico? “Hosting World Cups and Olympic Games is openly a politicians’ prestige-burnishing project now,” writes David Conn. More below.

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5.25am BST

On a day when nuclear tensions were perhaps eased in one part of the world, Sid Lowe writes astutely on how the fallout from Julen Lopetegui’s decision to become Real Madrid coach went nuclear in Russia so quickly, with the president of the Spanish Football Federation finding the move unforgivable – and acting decisively.

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5.15am BST

OK, where to start? There has been a Russian oil billionaire’s worth of preview material published on these pages over the past few weeks, and you’d be forgiven for not having got through it all. But never fear! Over the next few hours, I’ll do my best to point readers in the right direction of some of the best articles, interviews, opinion pieces and interactives, some “editor’s picks” if you like.

And what better place to start than this: the most comprehensive guide to every single player at the tournament, a seething mass of information and insight from the Guardian’s global network of football journalists. Without wanting to blow the Guardian’s own trumpet, it really is a terrific piece of work.

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4.59am BST

Move on, nothing to see here. Please disperse. Nothing to see here.

A ball hasn’t even been kicked yet but already the 2018 Fifa World Cup is going off like a fireworks factory blown up by a military grade ballistic missile. Four years of waiting and then on the day before Robbie Williams and the host nation kick off the tournament, this happens.

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