With Trump in the White House, it's time for Australia to think big | Michael Fullilove

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As the US is doing less under Trump’s presidency, Australia should step up and contribute to a stable balance of power in Asia and the rest of the world

Australians are not keen on Donald Trump. The 2017 Lowy Institute poll found that 60% of Australians say Trump causes them to have an unfavourable opinion of the US. Pew Research Centre polling shows that the proportion of Australians who are confident that the US president will “do the right thing” in world affairs has dropped from 84% in the final year of the Obama administration to 29% in the first year of the Trump administration.

What are the reasons for Trump’s antipodean unpopularity?

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Link : With Trump in the White House, it’s time for Australia to think big | Michael Fullilove


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