‘Will they forgive me? No’: ex-Soviet spy Viktor Suvorov speaks out

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Defections from Moscow’s most powerful spy agency are so rare, there are believed to be just two living examples. One is Sergei Skripal, who almost died this year. The other talks

Viktor Suvorov was at home when he heard the news. A former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, had been found poisoned on a park bench in Salisbury. Skripal and his daughter Yulia were in a critical condition in hospital; it was unclear if they would live.

Suvorov heard what happened to the Skripals via “other channels”, not just the BBC news, he tells me. A puckish figure of 71, speaking to me in the London offices of his literary agent, a room stacked with dozens of books, he is a little coy about who he might mean, but there seems little doubt he is talking about British intelligence. “I would not like to discuss that,” he says with a good-humoured grin.

You can’t imagine how relaxing a death sentence can be. You don’t worry about money or headaches or getting ill

The chief of GRU would say: ‘Knock, knock, Mr Putin. We think it’s now time [to kill Skripal]. Is that OK with you?’

Are Moscow’s spy agencies losing their touch? Suvorov says there has been a major falling off since the glory days

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Link : ‘Will they forgive me? No’: ex-Soviet spy Viktor Suvorov speaks out


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