Why Trump's 'get tough on China' policy is counterproductive | Michael F Fuchs

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Tackling the China challenge requires a strategic response. Trump’s scattershot policy will be counterproductive

In recent months, Donald Trump has launched America’s new buckshot approach to China – hit China everywhere and see what works. On Wednesday, Vice-President Mike Pence gave a speech to articulate this new “get tough” policy. The strategy includes starting a trade war and shining a spotlight on China’s propaganda in the United States, with presumably more to come.

Faced with real threats from China that require a strategic response, this scattershot policy will be counterproductive. The trade war is the perfect example of the drawbacks: using indiscriminate tariffs in an unlikely attempt to change China’s economy will only hurt America and its allies without solving the real problems American businesses face in China.

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Link : Why Trump’s ‘get tough on China’ policy is counterproductive | Michael F Fuchs


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