Why is the far right so against US intervention in Syria?

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Despite Iraq the left has mounted no serious opposition to Syrian involvement – so why is the right now filling those shoes?

In 2002 and 2003, millions of left-leaning demonstrators crowded cities around the world to protest against the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq. All the while, conservative media, along with large segments of the liberal press, beat the war drums, encouraging the Bush administration in its project of regime change.

But 15 years later, as the US edges towards a greater involvement in Syria, there is as yet no progressive, mass anti-war movement. For now, the most prominent opponents of Middle East intervention are all on the right, while leading Democrats are entirely on board with military intervention in the Middle East.

America First. We have nothing to gain in Syria and everything to lose. https://t.co/pssMn1OVJ2 pic.twitter.com/7EMRDdHRWy

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