Why I take my hat off to Putin’s Eton 11 | David Turner

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It’s easy to mock the schoolboys who got to discuss world affairs with the Russian leader, but their resourcefulness and persistence is to be applauded

School trips have become notoriously extravagant at Britain’s public schools of late, but even so, the visit by 11 Eton pupils to discuss world affairs for two hours last week with Vladimir Putin must rank among the most spectacular.

We don’t yet know how this extraordinary meeting, involving a school investment club, happened, but the general reaction has been to lambast Eton, once more, as a bastion of privilege whose boys enjoy unfair and undeserved advantages. However, in several ways it shows Eton and Etonians in a good light.

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The visit shows Eton’s credentials as an international school, composed of boys who want to know how the world works

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Link : Why I take my hat off to Putin’s Eton 11 | David Turner



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