Who’s to blame for the savagery seen in Manchester and London? | Letters

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John Pilger and 56 others on the west’s facilitation of terrorism; Steven Greer on the warped interpretation of Islam motivating jihadis; Ian Pollard and Dr Susan Juned on Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia; Peter Shadwell and Eric Goodyer on Theresa May’s flawed proposals on sentencing and human rights laws

Today, 16 years since 9/11 and with attacks now occurring across Europe and multiple wars in the Middle East and north Africa region, it is time for the west to reflect far more deeply on these matters. To date shortsighted policy responses like Prevent have not been evidence-based. Responses to the immediate problem of terrorist acts need to be much more intelligent and informed.

At the same time, simplistic representations of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism versus the west are highly inaccurate. It is now clear that the initial US response to 9/11 sought to exploit this event in order to initiate operations against countries unconnected to al-Qaida. The Chilcot report cited a British embassy telegram saying that “regime-change hawks” in Washington were arguing that a coalition against international terrorism “could be used to clear up other problems in the region”. The most notable outcome of this exploitation was the catastrophic Iraq invasion.

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