Which is the bigger threat, Russia or Isis? | Mary Dejevsky

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John McCain is sure it’s Putin. There’s room for argument, but he’s right about one thing: our perception of the danger posed by Isis is skewed

It is a brave critic who takes on the veteran US senator John McCain, doubly so if the argument has to do with the military or defence. A Vietnam war hero, with decades under his belt on the Senate armed services committee, he is someone you challenge at your peril. A Republican of a traditional stamp, he has been one of Donald Trump’s doughtiest adversaries in Washington.

For all the personal and professional respect McCain inspires, however, he has just come a bit of a cropper. His assertion – during a tour of Australia – that he regards Vladimir Putin as more dangerous than Islamic State prompted an outcry among experts and social media mavens alike. Many found his argument absurd. How could it be that Putin, or anyone for that matter, could present more of a threat than the savage theocratic fighters running rampage across the Middle East, beheading those who get in their way?

McCain is on much safer ground with global security. Here, Russia’s superiority over Isis is surely incontrovertible

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