Watch Starship Troopers now: it’s reality, not sci-fi

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Twenty years ago Paul Verhoeven’s film foresaw the nightmare of the west’s endless war with terrorists. If only the world had recognised its genius

There’s an image from Starship Troopers – 20 years old this week – that has been carved into the walls of my memory ever since I first watched it as an awestruck, acne-ridden teen.

Before this moment we had been treated to a pastiche of Hollywood military training set pieces – goofy recruits, locker-room banter, an unforgiving drill sergeant – propped up in front of cloying high school drama: saccharine romances, competitive sports and innocent musings on the future. And all performed by people who wouldn’t look out of place in an Abercrombie & Fitch advert.

Swap the word ‘bug’ for ‘terrorist’ in the film and you’d get the western media’s appraisal of the Middle East

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Link : Watch Starship Troopers now: it’s reality, not sci-fi


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