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The only positive thing Phil Cox writes about Sudan (Kidnapped, chained and tortured in Sudan, 5 April) is that “unlike their western counterparts, the Sudanese authorities tend to avoid searching body cavities”. Like the sensational title, the Long read article is short of in-depth analysis. What it avoids to say was said on 4 April by ambassador Matthew Rycroft (UK permanent representative to the UN): “In recent months we have seen a welcome absence of violence between the government and opposition groups. We’ve seen Unamid granted access to areas previously cut off.”

What Mr Cox leaves out was also said on 4 April by the head of Unamid, Jeremia Mamabolo: “The Darfur of today is a very different place from what this region was in 2003 when the armed conflict began and from that of a year ago.” Indeed, the security council is deliberating on an exit strategy for Unamid. As for the remnants of Darfur groups, the UN has documented their active participation as mercenaries in South Sudan and Libya.

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