UK’s Salisbury claims prompt a Russian rant at UN | John Crace

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It was all a British and American plot, a total coincidence, fake news. And another thing …

On Wednesday Theresa May had updated the House of Commons on the police investigation into the Salisbury poisonings. It had been one of the prime minister’s more convincing performances and she had been heard in silence and received unanimous support for her conclusions. The following day it was the turn of Karen Pierce, the UK ambassador to the United Nations, to present the same information at an emergency meeting of the UN security council in New York. She got a rather rockier ride.

After initial messages of support for the UK from a global assortment of Peru, France, Poland, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Ivory Coast and Sweden – though the French and Dutch ambassadors couldn’t resist the odd barb about it being a pity the UK was leaving the EU at a time when European cooperation had never been more important – things began to get a great deal trickier.

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Link : UK’s Salisbury claims prompt a Russian rant at UN | John Crace


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