UK must take lead to protect the people of Idlib | Letters

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Representatives from 12 organisations that work to prevent mass atrocities say the UK should play a major role in protecting the citizens trapped in Idlib from catastrophe

As imminent catastrophe is feared in Idlib, Syria – where 3 million people are fearing for their lives – Monday’s report by the foreign affairs select committee on Britain’s approach to the Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Intervention is timely. The incidence of mass atrocities is rising. The horrors we are witnessing in Myanmar, Syria, Yemen Sudan, and elsewhere are a devastating testament to the cost of an inconsistent response to mass atrocity situations and their early warning signs.

As organisations working towards a world where these terrible crimes no longer occur, we welcome this crucial report and urge the government to implement its core recommendation to set out a cross-Whitehall atrocity prevention strategy. Genocide, ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity diminish us all. In addition to appalling human costs, mass atrocities carry enormous economic consequences, and perpetuate international instability, ultimately affecting the UK’s own security and prosperity. And yet the UK’s approach to preventing mass atrocities is too often reactive and narrow, and its commitment to the early, holistic prevention that we know works is disjointed.

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