Uber hacking: customers not at risk of financial crime, says minister

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Digital minister Matt Hancock says government still trying to gauge number of people affected in the UK

There is no evidence that Uber customers who had their personal details stolen are at risk of direct financial crime, a minister has insisted, despite hundreds of users complaining that their accounts have been hacked from Russia.

The digital minister, Matt Hancock, told the House of Commons that the government was still trying to gauge the number of people in the UK affected by the global breach of the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in October last year, which the company initially concealed.

Uber concealed huge data breach – I knew I wasn’t going bloody crazy when my details kept changing to a Russian phone number and details. It was impossible to change back and Uber support were not helpful in the slightest. No wonder..! https://t.co/hEQcLP55mr

@asherter my phone was hacked via uber and it showed the uber map with a car coming to pick me up in St. Petersburg Russia and I was charged 3200 rubles and 1800 rubles that the bank reversed the charge. Urber contacted me and asked me to implement two factor authentication.

.@Uber I’ve been hacked, someone in Moscow has used my account and charged my card £54.55. Why didn’t what is mentioned in the pic happen?? pic.twitter.com/9EmGBskiTK

@Uber @Uber_Support my uber got hacked! Pls remove my credit card from your system asap. #uber pic.twitter.com/pRHZeHtmMQ

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Link : Uber hacking: customers not at risk of financial crime, says minister


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