Twitter campaign draws attention to plight of Afghanistan's persecuted Hazaras

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After attack in Kabul, minority group demands end to ‘systematic discrimination’ and experts say Australia should stop rejecting Hazara refugee claims

On 23 July, two men joined the crowd of thousands of Afghanistan’s Hazara marching in protest through the streets of Kabul. They wore suicide vests under billowing perahan.

The Hazara protest was, ostensibly, in response to the Afghan government’s decision to divert a promised power transmission line from Bamiyan – a Hazara enclave, where it would have brought jobs, economic growth and, most fundamentally, electricity – to another area of the country further north. But the demonstration, and the power line’s diversion, was aimed too at a broader discrimination Hazaras say they suffer in Afghanistan.

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Link : Twitter campaign draws attention to plight of Afghanistan’s persecuted Hazaras


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