'Trump’s too thick to understand foreign power plays': your best comments today

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We look at some of the stories provoking conversation today, including Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s proposed meeting

An analysis of US president Donald Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un’s proposed meeting has dominated discussion among our readers today. Gary Younge’s opinion piece on the undemocratic nature of the EU and David Oyelowo’s thoughts on his new film role have also got people talking.

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I am no fan of Mr Trump, but this really is a good idea. Diplomacy needs to be the way forward. A very unusual move but impressive nonetheless. If they manage to make positive progress, that would be historic. I would like to be optimistic about this and can’t see why so many people think this meeting will be a bad idea.

The orange moron doesn’t even know when he’s being played. Of course the North Koreans are happy to meet, their nuclear weapons program is is all but complete. What they want is an equal footing and will never surrender their arsenal, if anyone is ‘winning ‘ its Kim, Trumps too thick to understand the intricacies of foreign power plays and would consider the meeting a success based on the desert served.

I don’t think this is a Trump thing, more a time thing. Even if Hillary was president the same thing would probably be happening right now.

It seems clear to me that this was North Korea’s plan all along, their nuclear program probably isn’t as advanced as we might think but is merely a bargaining chip to end the South Korean-US annual military drills and ease sanctions.

I am a little shocked that after the last two or three years of leaver mendacity that the Guardian’s best columnist is still buying into all their myths.

If the UK has no sovereignty how is it leaving? Why has the EU not mandated a second referendum on its own terms given that it must have this power?

Considering that every Scottish voting area returned a majority remain in the EU vote, it is the UK that has a more concerning democratic deficit. We have our own government in Holyrood say the UK is violating our own citizens equality rights yet don’t have the authority to do anything.

We have trident in our country despite our government being opposed to it, we have a party leading in Westminster that our votes have no influence over and so on… so please, you can complain when the EU forces you to have nukes on the Thames and appoints a PM that goes against your country’s voting results.

If you go to the National Theatre or RSC, you will see people playing roles which traditionally are a different ethnicity to that of the actor (such as an early 20th century Devon mother, played by an Asian actor), and sometimes of a different sex. It’s being going on for many years.

With more contemporary drama, there is very little reason why a role should be conceived as being black, white, or whatever. Neither does the creation of a black role have to come with a huge back story – they don’t have to demonstrate an “interesting interplay of race, class and colonialism”. That’s a bit like asking “where do you come from? … No, I mean, really come from?”. The characters should be developed to meet the needs of the drama.

This character, Harold seems to be an amiable but pathetic and frustrated loser. The current ethos of casting ethnic minority and women actors into empowering and inspirational characters means they loose out on loser roles. Eddie Murphy is big enough and comedic enough to play losers. Could you imagine black actors taking on a project like Midnight Cowboy?

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