Trump says Kim wanted all sanctions lifted at Vietnam summit – live

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US president says ‘sometimes you have to walk’ after summit in Hanoi with North Korean leader is cut short. Follow the latest, live

10.20am GMT

And our final post, from Justin McCurry, on what this outcome means for South Korea:

Some sections of the South Korean media reacted with alarm. Yonhap news agency said the failed summit had set the security clock on the Korean peninsula “back to zero”, adding that efforts to defuse the nuclear standoff with Pyongyang was now “at a crossroads.” Financial News, meanwhile, wondered if the two sides would struggle to maintain the momentum for dialogue.

10.02am GMT

With the summit coming to a dramatic but also lacklustre end – and with both Trump and Kim Jong-un headed now home with little to show for their meetings – we are going to close the liveblog. Thanks for following along today, it’s been a wild ride.

For a full summary of the events today, here is Julian Borger’s final news report from Hanoi:

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9.56am GMT

9.44am GMT

Here’s our China correspondent Lily Kuo on what the lacklustre outcome of the summit means for China

The lack of a deal sets up China to play a larger role in a process that some believed Beijing was at risk of being sidelined. Mintaro Oba, a former diplomat focused on the Koreas said China has an opportunity to step in and set the tone.

9.29am GMT

South Korea’s Presidential office have released a statement expressing disappointment at the failed Hanoi summit

“We do feel regret that President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un could not reach complete agreement at today’s summit,” said a spokesperson.

9.08am GMT

Some experts pointing out that if the lifting of sanctions was always going to make or break the deal on the North Korea side, should this not have been known by the US before calling a second, very public, summit

Trump and Pompeo being quite specific. Says Kim was ready to give up the whole Yongbyon nuclear complex in return for complete lifting of sanctions but not other parts of the nuclear programme, including covert elements, including at least one uranium enrichment plant.

Well, if that was the offer, then yes, you have to walk. (But shouldn’t we have known that this was the offer before organizing a second presidential summit?)

One critical qu from the Hanoi no deal – why didn’t negotiators see this coming? Traditionally leaders only meet when most details in a deal are agreed, signing off the last few bits. Raises big questions about the whole US approach.

8.58am GMT

Vietnam summit: US president blames disagreement over sanctions for no deal

Donald Trump has said that a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un broke down over the issue of sanctions, after the talks in Vietnam ended early with no deal.

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8.56am GMT

Kim Jong-un meanwhile faces a 60-hour train ride back home, crossing over 2,000 miles, with a reported stop in Beijing along the way to meet with President Xi Jinping. While it is unlikely we will ever know the contents of their discussion, Trump’s comments in his press conference confirm that China is taking a very active role in the denuclearisation negotiations

8.44am GMT

Well Trump is not hanging around. He is already on board Air Force One which is about to leave the tarmac in Hanoi

8.43am GMT

As many analysts are pointing out, one of the biggest losers in this scenario is South Korean President Moon Jae-in who now can not progress his relationship with North Korea in any substantial way, and means economic engagement between the two countries is off the table for now

8.22am GMT

Here is what the regional experts are saying about the failure to reach a deal:

As predicted, the Americans are not prepared to end the war and the North Koreans are not prepared to surrender. A yawning chasm between the expectations and bitter reality.

It’s probably fair to say no signing whatsoever is not what most observers of any perspective were expecting from the Trump-Kim summit. I think we’ll need to hear more details over the coming days/weeks to judge what this really represents. Giving it a C- pending more info.

While the narrative that “no deal is better than a bad deal” is emerging, it’s hard to see how to keep up momentum for the negotiations is maintained in the post-Summit environment.

Unpopular take maybe: no deal is better than a bad deal or a deal that one side may violate, which sets up the prospect for conflict. Sometimes you throw the ball away and live to play another down.

The purpose of the summit lies elsewhere: in its theater, in its ability to seize the newscycle. Maybe Trump really did think the economic inducement approach would work.

The learning that occurred could have happened without; just read what the North Koreans say in public.

8.10am GMT

That is it from me for the day, I’m going to hand over the blog to my colleague Hannah Ellis-Petersen.

Thanks so much for following along over this fairly dramatic day. It’s been a little bit crazy, quite unexpected, and we still never learnt what was on the menu for that working lunch.

8.06am GMT

7.53am GMT

Donald Trump has wrapped up the press conference at the Marriott hotel in Hanoi. Trump will now fly back to Washington.

7.53am GMT

“I don’t want to talk about increasing sanctions,” says Trump. He says for the sake of the people living in North Korea, he doesn’t want to talk about that.

7.52am GMT

Trump is passing the buck to other administrations for the lack of a deal between the US and North Korea.

“It should have been done by many presidents before me. I’m not just blaming the Obama administration,” he says, before blaming the Obama administration for a long time. “But I’m not blaming the Obama administration, I’m blaming many administrations.”

7.51am GMT

Trump has been asked when he might meet with Kim again.

“It might be soon, it might not be for a long time. I hope it will be soon, but it might not be for a long time,” he says.

7.49am GMT

Trump is answering a question from a reporter from an Israeli media organisation. He calls peace between Israel and Palestine the most difficult deal in the world. “I’d love to deliver that deal,” he says.

“We have a good shot at peace between Israel and Palestine,” he said.

7.47am GMT

Trump is being asked about Otto Warmbier, and whether he has confronted Kim Jong-un about the death of the US student.

He says “I really believe something very bad happened to him and I don’t believe the top leadership knew about it. And when he came back (and by the way I got the hostages back) … Otto came back in a terrible state.

Trump on Kim’s responsibility for Otto Warmbier’s death.
“He says he didn’t know about it and I will take him at his word.”

7.41am GMT

Trump says he and Kim did not commit to holding another summit before discussions ended today.

7.41am GMT

Trump says he’ll be calling President Moon from South Korea once he’s on the plane.

“He’d love to do a deal and he’s been very helpful,” says Trump.

7.39am GMT

In case you missed it, here is video of Trump’s response to the question asked of him about Michael Cohen’s testimony to the House committee on Wednesday.

Reporter: “He called you liar, con man, a racist. What’s your response to Michael Cohen?” #HanoiSummit #TicTocTrumpKim

7.38am GMT

Trump has been singing the praises of the US’s achievements. He’s now talking about the trade relationship with China. Things have got a bit rambling.

7.37am GMT

Trump and Pompeo being quite specific. Says Kim was ready to give up the whole Yongbyon nuclear complex in return for complete lifting of sanctions but not other parts of the nuclear programme, including covert elements, including at least one uranium enrichment plant.

7.36am GMT

Trump says Kim promised him “the testing would not start, the testing of rockets and missiles and anything to do with nuclear and we’ll see”.

Trump is praising China for helping with discussions, saying they have had a bigger impact than most people realise, but he says Kim is a “strong guy” and doesn’t take orders from anyone.

7.34am GMT

Trump says he is very keen to lift sanctions on North Korea because he believes in the potential of North Korea.

7.34am GMT

Trump says that Kim is willing to dismantle the Yongbyon facility, but wanted all sanctions lifted first, which Trump said he wasn’t willing to do.

Pompeo is speaking now and says even if the Yongbyon facility was dismantled there are other facilities and other weapons that would still be there, which they couldn’t get an agreement on with Kim.

7.31am GMT

Trump is asked by a South Korean reporter what specifically he and Kim discussed in regards to denuclearisation.

Trump says “it’s a word people talk about a lot… A lot of people don’t know what it means, but to me it’s obvious: you have to be willing to get rid of the nukes.”

7.29am GMT

Trump is asked whether he thinks it was premature to hold the summit.

“You always have to be prepared to walk. I could’ve signed something today,” says Trump. “But it’s better to do it right than do it fast.”

7.28am GMT

Trump says the tone of the discussion with Kim was “friendly” and people did not leave angry.

“We just like each other, we have a good relationship,” he reiterates.

7.27am GMT

Donald Trump has been asked about the claims of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who testified before a House committee on Wednesday.

“It’s incorrect,” says Trump. Trump said he “tried to watch as much as I could” but that he was “quite busy” so couldn’t watch all of it.

7.25am GMT

Trump is asked if it was his decision to end the talks or Kim’s.

“I don’t want to say it was my decision, because what purpose is that. But we’ll keep the relationship,” says Trump.

7.23am GMT

Trump is taking a question from Sean Hannity.

Hannity says: How can you bridge the gap between the US and North Korean ideas about denuclearisation?

7.22am GMT

Trump is being asked if he got a sense of what Chairman Kim’s vision of what denuclearisation is.

“He has a certain vision, it’s not exactly our vision, but it’s a lot closer than it was a year ago,” says Trump.

7.21am GMT

Trump says “it was about the sanctions. Basically they wanted sanctions lifted in their entirety and we weren’t willing to do that.”

Trump says “we had to walk away from that particular issue”.

7.20am GMT

Trump is now taking questions from the media.

7.19am GMT

“I wish we could have got further, but I’m optimistic,” says Pompeo.

He says Trump and Kim both felt good about the progress was made.

7.19am GMT

Mike Pompeo has taken the podium to give some detail. He says “we made really progress… over the last 24-36 hours”, but says “we didn’t get all the way”.

Pompeo says he is still optimistic as the teams continue to meet over the next few weeks.

7.18am GMT

On North Korea, he says “we had a really productive time”.

He said they all agreed “it wasn’t a good thing to sign anything”.

7.17am GMT

Donald Trump is speaking.

He is starting with other foreign policy news, praising the economic development in Vietnam and thanks them for their hospitality.

7.15am GMT

The press conference has begun. You can watch him speak live here:

7.08am GMT

Julian Borger, the Guardian’s world affairs editor, says it becomes much harder for Trump to focus attention on his claimed wonderful relationship with Kim as an end in itself, if they have just cancelled lunch together and a signing ceremony.

He adds there is a danger is of a backlash and a return to barbed rhetoric.

7.06am GMT

7.04am GMT

Trump’s motorcade has pulled up to the Marriott hotel.

7.00am GMT

A man was just up on the stage doing a sound check of the microphone, so we should be hearing from the president any moment now.

6.56am GMT

They are setting up the flags for Trump’s presser in the wake of an abortive summit here in Hanoi

6.48am GMT

The president’s interpreter has been seen arriving at the hotel where the press conference is due to take place, but so far no sign of the Trump.

However, the stage is set and scores of journalists are seated and waiting to hear what happened in that room between Trump and Kim.

6.40am GMT

In a statement, the White House said that Trump and Kim had “very good and constructive meetings in Hanoi”. “

“The two leaders discussed various ways to advance denuclearization and economic driven concepts. No agreement was reached at this time, but their respective teams look forward to meeting in the future.”

“No agreement was reached at this time,” says @PressSec. #TrumpKimSummit

6.32am GMT

Trump’s motorcade is on the move after abruptly departing the Metropole hotel where the summit was being held. We’re expecting him to arrive at the Marriott hotel for the press conference shortly.

6.28am GMT

Kim Jong-un has been pictured leaving the Metropole hotel where discussions were being held.

There has been no joint signing ceremony, no further joint appearance between the two leaders.

Kim Jong Un leaves the Metropole without a joint signing ceremony

6.26am GMT

The South Korean stock market has nosedived after the Hanoi summit was cut short. The Kospi index dropped sharply when the news emerged shortly before the close of trading. Stocks in Japan, Hong Kong and China were all lower on the day.

Kospi tumbling after Trump-Kim summit abruptly cut short @markets

6.23am GMT

We are gathered for Trump’s press conference at his hotel outside the town centre.

6.20am GMT

A quick setup is underway for the hastily moved-up press conference, says Steve Herman, the White House bureau chief for Voice of America news.

That press conference was meant to start at 3:50pm local time, but is now scheduled to begin at 2pm (in about 40 minutes).

Quick setup underway for @POTUS news conference now scheduled to begin in 45 minutes. #TrumpKimSummit

6.12am GMT

We have this update from Julian Borger, who has been reporting on the summit from Hanoi.

He says the press was bused over to the venue where the press conference is due to be held and went through security checks but for the past 20 minutes was held on the buses with engines idling and not allowed off.

Journalists in Hanoi are waiting at the Marriott for the start of the news conference with Trump. His lunch with Kim and a signing ceremony were cancelled. We don’t know the reason.

6.05am GMT

There’s still a lot that is unknown at this point. Reporters were waiting in the room where lunch was to be served to the delegations when they were moved to a bus and told there was a program change and lunch was delayed.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders spoke to the press and said negotiations would continue for another 30-45 minutes, but the press conference would be moved up to 2pm (about an hour from now) and refused to comment when asked if there will still be a signing ceremony with the two leaders.

5.57am GMT

Here’s a pic of the lonely dining room at the Metropole where the delegations never showed.

5.50am GMT

In dramatic news, Sarah Sanders told pool the negotiations are ongoing but will wrap up at Metropole in next 30 to 45 minutes and Potus will return to Marriott.

Press conference moved up from 4pm to start at 2pm. She declined to say whether there would still be a joint signing ceremony but appears unlikely .

5.46am GMT

There has been a change in the schedule. The press are being held, awaiting a briefing from Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary. Reporters say there is no sign of either US or North Korean delegations in the lunch room, which is set and ready for the meal.

Lunch was due to begin almost an hour ago after an expanded bilateral talk between Trump, Kim and their teams.

Per WH pool: “At 12:35 pm a WH spokeswoman told pool ‘there has been a program change. Pool returning to press hold and we are told Sarah Sanders will come explain. No sign of US or DPRK delegations in the lunch room where table was set with menus and name cards on chairs.”

5.37am GMT

We are behind schedule, folks.

The pool reporter says the expanded bilateral meeting is running long and so far lunch has been delayed by more than 30 minutes.

5.30am GMT

The British ambassador to North Korea Colin Crooks has shared these photographs of North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun which has been surprisingly quick (for Rodong Sinmun) at getting out pictures of last night’s meeting between Trump and Kim.

Crooks calls it: “near real-time reporting.”

Morning coffee in the Residence with today’s Rodong Sinmun #britishembassy #Pyongyang #NorthKorea #HanoiSummit

And more pictures from last night’s dinner on page 2. Near real-time reporting from the Rodong Sinmun #NorthKorea #HanoiSummit #DPRK

5.23am GMT

5.16am GMT

The record of both leaders suggests a surprise outcome remains possible until the last minute, but the mood on Thursday morning suggested incremental confidence-building and risk reduction measures were a more likely outcome of the Hanoi talks – the second summit between the two men – than sweeping disarmament measures.

Since the first summit in Singapore in June last year, Trump and his administration had claimed they were on the brink of a historic breakthrough in persuading North Korea to disarm, going beyond the agreements forged by former US presidents.

Full story is here.

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5.05am GMT

While denuclearisation is the focus of today’s talks, Japan’s prime minister, voiced hope that Trump would push Kim on the cold war abductions of Japanese nationals by North Korean spies.

Shinzo Abe told a parliamentary session on Thursday he was “confident” the president would bring up the abductions – an emotive issue in Japan – as well as make progress on the North’s missile and nuclear programmes, which he called a “major threat” to Japan.

4.47am GMT

Julian Borger, our world affairs editor, has this context in light of Trump’s enthusiastic response to the idea of a US liaison office to be established in Pyongyang:

“It is a longstanding wish of the DPRK to have diplomatic relations established, but the US has in the past held back such a move for leverage.

4.39am GMT

Trump: Are you all having a good time in Hanoi? Everybody having a good time, everybody, Jeff? I hope.

Jeff Mason of Reuters: Chairman Kim are you prepared to denuclearise?

4.27am GMT

The US journalists in the press pack are marvelling at the fact that Kim Jong-un, who until today was not known to have ever answered a question by a western journalist, has been responding to so many questions.

One journalist counted that David Nakamura from the Washington post, Margaret Talev from Bloomberg and Jeff Mason from Reuters all managed to get answers from Kim Jong-un today.

Well, I don’t think any of us in today’s White House travel pool thought we’d be shouting Qs at Kim Jong Un during summit and getting answers…. but it’s happened. If @realdonaldtrump would like to make it a joint news conference later today we have more Qs. @tictoc

4.18am GMT

I’ll get the full text of that discussion with the leaders for you as soon as it comes through, but here are some other snippets from Trump and Kim’s press spray held as they were seated for the expanded bilateral meeting.

Kim Jong-un was asked whether he was willing to denuclearise, to which he replied: “If I’m not willing to do that, I won’t be here right now.”

BREAKING: Kim Jong Un, asked if he’s ready to denuclearize, says if not he wouldn’t be here. Trump and Kim also say “good idea” to set up diplomatic office for relations

4.11am GMT

Kim Jong-un has been asked if America could have an office in Pyongyang. Trump took up the journalist’s question and said he would be “very interested to hear the answer to that” question.

Kim replies that such an idea is “welcome-able”, before the press were dismissed from the room by Kim’s team, who said “even one minute” of discussion between the leaders was “very precious”.

4.08am GMT

Trump and Kim are addressing the press after their expanded bilateral meeting.

Trump reiterates his views that North Korea could have a bright future and says the talk has been a “very big success”.

4.02am GMT

Aside from showing the security at and sensitivities of the summit, this latest pool report also tells us that there has been a delay in the post-bilateral meeting spray, in which press can ask questions and take photos of the two leaders.

We’re expecting that to take place any moment now.

3.58am GMT

A minor spat between a White House wrangler and a North Korean security guard has been reported.

“Pool was rounded up to get ready for expanded bilat spray; we waited about 20 minutes then were informed of a ‘change of plans’ and told we’d wait 15-20 min more. No explanation given,” said David Nakamura, the Washington Post reporter assigned to the press pool.

3.40am GMT

While we wait for the conclusion of the expanded bilateral talk, which is due to wrap up in a bit over an hour, have a read of Julian Borger’s analysis of yesterday’s meetings between Trump and Kim.

Donald Trump vowed that his second meeting with Kim Jong-un would be at least the equal of the first and his Vietnamese hosts tried their utmost to make that happen.

In Hanoi on Wednesday evening, every effort was made in recreating the circumstances and ambience of Singapore, scene last June of the historic first meeting between an incumbent US president and a North Korea leader.

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3.31am GMT

Here is video of Trump’s full address to the press ahead of the bilateral meeting.

3.19am GMT

There is some speculation about what role – if any – national security advisor John Bolton is playing in Hanoi.

Bolton was not at last night’s dinner and according to the pool report is not in today’s expanded bilateral, but he is certainly in attendance at the summit. He has been pictured standing with Sarah Hucakabee Sanders and Mike Pompeo at the Metropole Hotel.

Photo from White House pooler @DavidNakamura offers a glimpse of national security advisor John Bolton, who is in Hanoi but wasn’t at last night’s dinner, or today’s expanded bilateral, it appears. His main public presence since landing has been tweeting on Venezuela.

3.02am GMT

More on the question of whether today was the first time Kim answered a question from international media.

Channel 4 News claim they are the first international media to put a question to the North Korean leader, back in 2013, though the chairman did not answer it.

Here’s the first ever ‘question’ posed by int’l media to Kim Jong Un – in 2013 by @Channel4News

KJU didn’t answer, though!

2.55am GMT

Before heading into talks, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un sat down before the assembled press pack and answered questions. Both men were hopeful about achieving a good outcome, but Trump also tempered expectations.

Well, thank you very much Chairman Kim, and it’s great to be with you again. And, I’m sure over the years we’ll be together a lot, and I think we’ll also be together after the fact, meaning after the deal is made.

We had very good discussions last night at dinner, and the pre-dinner was very good. And, there were a lot of great ideas being thrown about. I think very importantly, the relationship is, you know, just very strong, and when you have a good relationship, a lot of good things happen.

2.42am GMT

Trump and Kim just strolled across the inner courtyard of the Metropole and where Mike Pompeo and Kim Yong-chol, the former DPRK intel chief and lead negotiator were waiting for them. After chatting through interpreters for a couple of minutes they went inside, presumably to start the first working session of the day

2.33am GMT

Trump and Kim are now sequestered away for their one-on-one bilateral meeting. That will run for another 15 minutes before they are joined by officials for an expanded bilateral meeting, which should run for about two hours before they sit down to lunch.

2.30am GMT

It is interesting to see that Trump and Kim took questions from the press pack this morning, after the drama that took place last night when Trump barred reporters from attending the dinner between Trump and Kim.

Only one US print reporter, the Wall Street Journal’s Vivan Salama, was allowed in to the dinner between Trump and Kim. Four others were barred. The White House had attempted to bar all reporters, but relented after photographers said they would not cover the event if reporters were not allowed in, according to the Associated Press, whose correspondent was among those barred.

2.23am GMT

“It’s too early to tell, but I wouldn’t say that I’m pessimistic,” North Korea’s Kim Jong Un tells reporters when asked if he is confident a deal will be reached.

2.17am GMT

Julian Borger, the Guardian’s world affairs editor, says this is “probably” the first time Kim has answered a question from a foreign journalist, though offers the reminder that Kim has travelled to China and it is “unlikely but possible” that he was asked a question by a Chinese journalist on one of these trips.

As far as we know it is the first question by a western journalist though. Well done to David Nakamura.

2.12am GMT

Kim Jong-un also took a question from the press pack, which has people wondering if this is the first time the North Korean leader has answered a question from a foreign reporter.

David Nakamura from the Washington Post was the journalist with the question. He asked Kim Jong-un if he felt confident he could get a deal with Donald Trump. Kim replied: “It’s too early to say. I would not say I’m pessimistic. I do have a feeling that good results will come out.”

2.10am GMT

Our world affairs editor, Julian Borger, is on the ground in Hanoi and says Trump is looking “grim”.

Trump looked pretty grim. Here is the key quote: “I can’t speak necessarily for today, but I can say a little bit longer term and over a period of time I know we are going to have a fantastic success with respect to chairman Kim and North Korea.”

2.08am GMT

Trump predicts ‘wonderful dialogue’ as leaders answer questions ahead of discussions

2.01am GMT

Dennis Rodman, retired basketball player and de facto envoy to North Korea, has published a letter addressed to Donald Trump, expressing his support for the president’s work in Hanoi.

“We have a lot of work to do, but with your diverse team, amazing global contacts and willingness to think outside the box, we can have peace on the Korean Peninsula. We really can,” Rodman writes in the letter.


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1.55am GMT

A reminder of what’s going to happen now (all times in local time):

1.50am GMT

Here is live footage of the leaders arriving at the hotel venue. You can see the intense security measures in place.

1.44am GMT

Trump and Kim are arriving at the Metropole Hotel in Hanoi to continue their talks.

#TrumpKimSummit Day 2 getting underway. Both @POTUS and Kim Jong Un arriving at @MetropoleHanoi.

1.39am GMT

A reminder of the other Trump news story going around at the moment – and the one we suspect the president would much rather we not be talking about – the explosive allegations from Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen.

Sen. Lindsey Graham tells @sunlenserfaty he spoke to President Trump last night. “I think he was upset he was gonna have dueling shows here,” Graham said. “That it did bother him there’s going to be a split screen between Michael Cohen and Kim Jong Un.”

1.28am GMT

Even before his first handshake with Trump, photos of leader Kim Jong-un were featured on the front page of the ruling party’s daily newspaper, Rodong Sinmun. The news of his travels was also broadcast on nationwide television.

1.12am GMT

Trump: “It is an honour to be with Chairman Kim. It’s an honour to be together in a country, Vietnam, where they have rolled out the red carpet and they are very honoured to have us.

12.59am GMT

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the second day of meetings between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Vietnam.

The two leaders met yesterday – their first meeting since their historic summit in Singapore last June – but the main discussions will take place today.

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