Trump-Russia: Republicans trying to kill off investigation, says Adam Schiff

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Top Democrat says move against House inquiry is a ploy to damage Mueller-FBI investigation, while Trump declines to rule out pardoning Michael Flynn

The senior Democrat in a congressional Trump-Russia investigation has said he fears Republicans are manoeuvring to kill off inquiries into Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

“I’m increasingly worried Republicans will shut down the House intelligence committee investigation at the end of the month,” said Adam Schiff, who is the leading Democrat on the House intelligence committee.

What are the most serious allegations?

<p>The investigation into Trump and his team appears to encompass allegations of&nbsp;<a href=””>collusion</a>,&nbsp;<a href=””>obstruction of justice</a>,&nbsp;<a href=””>abuse of power</a>&nbsp;and charges specific to&nbsp;<a href=””>Trump aides and former aides</a>.</p><p>Any case along these lines against the president would be historic. Both of the presidents to face impeachment proceedings in the past century, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, faced obstruction of justice and abuse of power charges.</p>

(1 December 2015) GCHQ warns US intelligence

<p>Britain’s spy agency GCHQ becomes aware of suspicious “interactions” between people with Trump ties and Russian intelligence operatives. In late 2015, GCHQ warns US intelligence.</p>

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Link : Trump-Russia: Republicans trying to kill off investigation, says Adam Schiff


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