Trailblazing women of Kabul, Afghanistan – a photo essay

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The Women by Women project commissions local female photographers to tell the stories of trendsetting women and girls, in countries where the charity ActionAid works. The series starts with these stories of radical women in Kabul, including a street artist, a kickboxer and a politician

In 2018, less than a quarter of photographs published in major media outlets were taken by female photojournalists. Women by Women aims to demonstrate the importance of showing diverse perspectives in photography; female as well as male; local as well as international, and how different the world can look as a result.

Putting this brief in the hands of local female photographers, the series starts in Kabul, Afghanistan, with the stories of a kickboxer, politician, street artist, yoga teacher, fashion designer and drugs counsellor. They are all breaking down gender barriers and shattering stereotypes in different ways, in one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women.

Shamsia Hassani works on her latest mural on an exterior wall of the office of the Afghanistan Photographers Association in Kabul.

Rahiba Rahimi in her tailor’s workshop.

Rahiba Rahimi in her workshop. The male tailors work in one room making item’s for the men’s range, such as coats, while the women work in another workshop on dresses and tops.

Fakhria Momtaz runs a yoga class in the snow on a snowy hillside in Kabul.

Fakhira Mamtaz runs a class at her yoga studio in Kabul.

Laila Haidari is helped up from under a bridge after visiting a family to encourage them to visit Mother Camp addictions clinic.

Laila Haidari at home before starting work and right, on her way to a Mother Camp centre.

Laila Haidari at a rehabilitation clinic, and right, in her cafe after a visit.

Enjila Naseri during a kowat alrami training session.

Enjila Naseri celebrates her birthday with friends and family.

Maryam Sama and her supporters counting her votes from different polling stations from across Kabul province.

Newly elected MP Maryam Sama prepares a speech before she takes her seat in the Afghan parliament.

Farzana Wahidy was the first professional female Afghan photojournalist to work with major international press agencies, including Agence France-Presse. She studied at the AINA Photojournalism Institute in Kabul. Tahmina Saleem is an award-winning freelance photographer with a master’s degree in visual art from Kabul University, where she was taught by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Massoud Hossaini.

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