'Those who complain most about political correctness are true snowflakes': your best comments today

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We’re highlighting interesting conversations on the site – including the right to free speech and whether Yorkshire is the UK’s Catalonia

Discussion today has focused on the questionable opinions of Toby Young, the story on the reopening of the Korean hotline, and Yorkshire and the possibility of devolution. You’ve also been discussing succession in the BBC natural history department when, and if, David Attenborough finally retires and a possible revolt in Yorkshire.

To join in you can click on the links in the comments below to expand and add your thoughts. We’ll continue to highlight more comments worth reading as the day goes on.

It’s always the case with those who attack political correctness, they demand the right to say offensive things (a right they already have, but pretend that they don’t), and argue that no one has a right to not be offended. But when we use the same right of free speech to criticise them, they get all offended and act as if they shouldn’t have to deal with the sort of criticism they so readily dole out.

My experience is that it’s those who most vociferously complain about political correctness who are the true snowflakes. They whine about PC culture, but let’s face it, if I want to express myself in a politically correct manner, that is my right, because that’s what free speech means. No one forces me to do it, I do it voluntarily because I was brought up with manners, which is just another word for political correctness.

Really hope these talks take place and the brothers unite. Come to a disarmament deal.

America will get the F*** out of there and focus more on its domestic chaos, poverty, homelessness, lack of healthcare and inequality.

I live in Yorkshire. It’s one of the most factional places I’ve ever lived in. The rivalry between the county’s regions, villages, towns and cities is often quite fierce. Think of the massive divides and entirely different characters of say Hull and Harrogate, York and Bradford, Leeds and Richmond, Barnsley and Whitby, Skipton and Sheffield, Hebdon Bridge and Rotherham – the list goes on.

Yorkshire identity is very localized and diverse given the size and variety of the county – it’s only brought together in stereotyped simplistic generalizations by people that don’t really know it. Yorkshire is too divided and diverse – and probably sensible – to be able to unite in striving for some woolly notion of “independence”. It already has lots of independent competing Yorkshire identities.

I’d suggest Alice Roberts. Although shifting from her medical/anatomy and palaeo/osteo archaeology sweet spot into general biology is a bit of an ask, she’s still a lot more qualified than many on this list.
She’s very easy to listen to, has that enthusiasm and warmth you need, and is smiley and upbeat, but has a serious academic track record to add gravitas.

Personally I really like Chris Packham and his incredible depth of knowledge, but I fear too many other people don’t.

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