'They are fighting for nothing': the view on Hong Kong protests from Shenzhen

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Armed troops are barracked in a stadium in Shenzhen, where citizens seem to back them

There was an uneasy sense of calm on Sunday in Shenzhen, the Chinese city on the other side of the bay from Hong Kong where hundreds of troops from the People’s Armed Police [PAP] have been deployed in a show of force that the government in Beijing has called an anti-terrorism manoeuvre.

The troops, some of whom could be seen milling around the Shenzen Bay sports stadium where they are currently barracked, await word on whether they will be ordered to cross and quell what has been a mix of violent anti-government unrest and peaceful protest over the past 11 weeks in the former British colony.

Why are people protesting?

Hong Kong’s democratic struggles since 1997

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Link : ‘They are fighting for nothing’: the view on Hong Kong protests from Shenzhen



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