Theresa May refuses to rule out further military action in Syria

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PM faces down calls for parliamentary vote after overnight strikes with US and France

Theresa May has refused to rule out further action against targets in Syria if Britain finds further evidence of chemical weapons attacks, but faced down calls for an immediate vote in parliament on the overnight British military strikes.

In Downing Street after military action was authorised in a joint offensive by the UK, US and France, the prime minister said the strikes were “right and legal” and would “significantly degrade the Syrian regime’s ability to research, develop and deploy chemical weapons”.

May said the allies had hit a chemical weapons storage and production facility, a chemical weapons research centre and a military bunker involved in chemical weapons attacks.

However, pressed on whether she would authorise further strikes if chemical weapons stockpiles had survived, May said the Syrian regime should not doubt Britain’s resolve to prevent the normalisation of chemical weapons.

Amid accusations from the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, that the attack was legally questionable, the prime minister said the attorney general, Jeremy Wright, had produced legal advice presented to the cabinet on Thursday. Officials said it had made the case that strikes were necessary to prevent humanitarian catastrophe.

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