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Regarding the letter from the Sudanese ambassador, Khalid Mustafa, stating that violence in Darfur is much reduced (Letters, 17 April), I find this dismaying and far from reality. As a survivor of the Darfur genocide, I – like millions of Darfuris – long for peace, but not the fictional peace portrayed by Mr Mustafa and his government to re-establish international relations or end its self-imposed isolation. The trouble in Darfur has never been about the fighting between rebel and Sudanese forces. It’s about the Sudanese government’s systematic burning of villages, slaughter of innocent citizens and orders for the rape of women and girls – acts resulting in the international criminal court’s indictment of President al-Bashir and others

Actually, violence has increased in 2016 and 2017, including allegations, brought by credible sources, of chemical attacks and rape. Attacks have been perpetrated by Sudanese armed forces, including the Janjaweed and Rapid Support Forces, against helpless internally displaced people. Just this past week, a camp was burned down.

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