‘There’s a lot more there’: Mueller ups the stakes in the Trump-Russia inquiry

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Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted on financial charges, but George Papadopoulos was the surprise as the Russia inquiry enveloped the capital

For a moment in court, the mask slipped. Paul Manafort glanced at his lawyer and smirked, like a TV mafia boss with reasons to be confident. It was the look of a man who, after decades of work as a lobbyist for murderous dictators in Africa and Asia, was not about to be rattled by the prospect of house arrest.

But less than a mile away, another man displayed rather less equanimity. Donald Trump woke before dawn on Monday and, instead of heading to the Oval Office, lingered in the White House residence. “Trump clicked on the television and spent the morning playing fuming media critic, legal analyst and crisis communications strategist, according to several people close to him,” the Washington Post reported.

How serious are the allegations?

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Bob Mueller knows a lot more about what happened in the presidential campaign than anyone on the outside thought he did

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It’s like hitting a boulder with a hammer 1,000 times and it doesn’t break. The 1,001st time, it smashes

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Link : ‘There’s a lot more there’: Mueller ups the stakes in the Trump-Russia inquiry


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