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Dr Anthony Isaacs proposes a time-tabled strategy; Dr Richard House says Labour supporters of Corbyn will not let him be destroyed

The views of your correspondents (Populist Jeremy Corbyn is riding the tiger of antisemitism, Letters, 6 August) and the response of Jewish communal leaders to Jeremy Corbyn’s recent statements (Opinion, 4 August) are deeply depressing for those seeking a resolution to the debilitating row over antisemitism. Corbyn has acknowledged that Labour has been too slow to get a grip on this issue or to consult with the Jewish community. He must now move on to develop a proactive, time-tabled strategy, rather than appearing to be at the mercy of events. Engagement without preconditions is key to this, and inflammatory language can have no place in facilitating such engagement.

It will take time to restore trust, but with goodwill on both sides, it should be possible for Labour to set out a detailed programme for combatting antisemitism within its own ranks and society generally which has communal support, as would be the case for fighting racism directed against any other minority, while preserving freedom of expression. This would be aided by both sides committing to address the problems of the Middle East within a human rights framework. Those who seek to impede such a resolution, especially when the government is paralysed by Brexit and the country desperately needs an undistracted opposition able to formulate policies to address the dire consequences of austerity, will bear a heavy responsibility.
Dr Anthony Isaacs

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