'The US won't win': Damascenes poised for next move in Syria conflict

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Residents debate likelihood of US airstrikes as troops and fighter jets resume operations

Fighter jets have returned to the skies of northern Syria and ground troops in Damascus are on the move again.

A nervous night watching the horizon gave way to a business-as-usual feel on Thursday in the Syrian capital. Whether Donald Trump will carry out his threats to bomb Syria or give way to a realpolitik that sees some other sort of compromise thrashed out is a prime debating point before sunset when, according to residents, a countdown to a US barrage could begin.

In theory there are three alternative responses – the first a punitive strike such as the US attack on the Shayrat air base in April 2017 that saw 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles hit the the air base in response to a chemical weapons attack.

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Link : ‘The US won’t win’: Damascenes poised for next move in Syria conflict


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