The ugly truth behind the rise of Kim Yo-jong | Arwa Mahdawi

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As the world wonders about the health of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, his sister’s new prominence is nothing to welcome

Rumours of Kim Jong-un’s death have been greatly exaggerated: according to South Korea’s national security adviser, the North Korean leader is “alive and well”. In a CNN interview on Sunday, Moon Chung-in refuted the conjecture that Kim is seriously ill or dead, saying he seemed to be holed up in the North Korean resort town of Wonsan. The man’s just taking it easy, apparently; overseeing gulags can get exhausting..

If Kim really is OK it might leave some people rather disappointed. Kim’s vanishing act has pushed his little sister, Kim Yo-jong, into the spotlight. She has become something of an internet pinup (quarantine is doing strange things to us all), and there has been excited speculation that she might become the Kim family dynasty’s first female leader. This would set an empowering precedent for little girls dreaming of one day becoming lady-dictators with a passion for crimes against humanity! “North Korea … is one of the most male chauvinistic societies in the world, but bloodline supplemented by status in the Korea Workers’ party supercedes gender,” one expert told Bloomberg.

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