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Everyone, from governments to the UN, has failed in their duty to bring this shameful conflict to an and

The war in Syria, which will enter its 10th year next month, shames the world. Powerful western countries, namely the US, Britain and their European allies, could and should have done more to stop it. Instead, they have failed to act decisively as Bashar al-Assad’s regime perpetrated countless repeat atrocities against the Syrian people, assisted by Russia and Iran. This butchery continues.

The siege of rebel-held Idlib city, last refuge of 1 million civilians in north-west Syria, is approaching a climax. Relentless bombing by Syrian and Russian forces, directed by drones, takes a terrible toll. More than 200 people have died since the beginning of the year. Nearly 600,000 have been displaced. About 6,000 children fled their homes each day last week. At least half a million people have been killed since 2011.

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