The Guardian view on Trump’s transgender military ban: sad

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The proposed ban is wrong on every score: it is cruel and obscure, a nasty piece of positioning intended to deflect attention from the president’s mounting difficulties

Donald Trump’s ad hoc announcement-by-tweet that transgender individuals would be barred from the US military was not just bad; it was bad in three separate ways. It was contemptuous of those individuals already in the forces or aspiring to join them; it denied their right to equality despite a cynical campaign pledge to “fight for” LGBT people accompanied by the suggestion that safeguarding their rights required the curbing of migration. (Clearly, the real threat was at home.) The second, related issue is the depressing message that it sent to the right and to Americans in general, in normalising and legitimising prejudice and discrimination. The third is that it diverted attention from other increasingly pressing questions. The pages it has covered and the airtime it has consumed would otherwise have been taken up with examining the administration’s immediate battles over healthcare and, especially, links between Mr Trump’s entourage and Russia.

Mr Trump’s tweet was significant in itself for its cruelty and foolishness. But it also shed further light on government dysfunction: it was made while the secretary of defence, General James Mattis, was on vacation, while a related review was ongoing, and apparently without the knowledge of the Pentagon.

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