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The president embraces disruption. Now a new chief of staff promises to impose discipline. But the real problem is his boss – and those enabling him

Donald Trump’s new chief of staff has vowed to impose military discipline and straighten things out, as one might expect of a retired marine general facing a gigantic mess. John Kelly’s appointment has been greeted as “an almost perfect lab test of whether a Trump White House can be functional”: he is highly respected, is not part of a faction, and has been promised that all staff, even family members, will report to him (good luck with that, General Kelly). He may, indeed, quash the crudest outbursts of an internecine war fought on multiple fronts, as he sought to in dismissing director of communications Anthony Scaramucci. Yet it seems highly unlikely that he will be able to end the incompetence and infighting of this administration. It is far from clear that the president really wants him to. There are several reasons for the farcical tussle for control in the West Wing, but the primary one is the man in the Oval Office. “Changing the boss’s behaviour? That would warrant a fifth star,” joked David Axelrod, senior adviser to President Obama.

Anthony Scaramucci (10 days)

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