The Guardian view on China and the US: a stricken world without leaders

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This pandemic has highlighted the need for global cooperation, but magnified the failings of the major powers

Once upon a time, wise elders foretold that east and west would meet, a reviving and ruling power coming together in new leadership. The idea of a Sino-American G2, reaching bilateral consensus on key issues to prudently steer the international community, always sounded like a fairytale. But from this moment in time, it seems more like a bad joke. As a pandemic threatens millions of lives, and further suffering through a global recession, the shortcomings of China and the US are increasingly glaring.

Chinese authorities covered up the Wuhan outbreak and harassed those who tried to blow the whistle, allowing the coronavirus to spread within and then beyond its borders – though subsequent draconian measures appear to have contained the internal spread, for now at least, and should have bought time for other countries to prepare. Chinese diplomats and state media promoted wild conspiracy theories suggesting the virus originated, or was even created, in the US, even if officials may now be drawing back. Last week, with everyone’s attention on the pandemic, Beijing threw out US journalists from major news organisations in belated retaliation for tightened controls on Chinese state media companies in the US.

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