The Guardian view on BBC pay: Carrie Gracie tells the story | Editorial

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The former China editor has struck a blow for women everywhere by her brave stand for pay transparency and equality. She is a hero for our times

Carrie Gracie’s open letter appealing for equal pay has dramatised a fight that has already been going on for the best part of 200 years. Her principled stand cannot be dismissed just because the sums involved are way beyond most people’s wildest dreams. She is very well paid. But her argument is about fairness: she wants the BBC to stick to the law. It must value men and women equally. Nearly 50 years after the equal pay act, it is shocking that it still needs saying.

The BBC’s highly rated – but evidently not highly valued – China editor resigned because managers could not grasp that her case was not about more money, but more equality. Having been promoted to one of the big four international editor jobs on condition that all of them – Jon Sopel in Washington, Jeremy Bowen in Beirut, Katya Adler in Brussels and Carrie Gracie in Beijing – were paid equally, she was appalled when the figures for top earners published last summer included the men but not the women. The discrimination could hardly appear more explicit.

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