The fantasy world of pre-wedding photos: inside China's billion-dollar industry

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The black-and-white wedding photos of couples married in China used to resemble ID cards. Now a much more elaborate tradition is emerging, writes Jenny Valentish

The photographer and his crew sit outside the tank, grinning.

“Beauty, how long can you hold your breath under water?” one calls out to the sopping wet woman in the wedding gown. A moment later, he addresses the groom-to-be: “Handsome, when you dive down, just suck your tummy in a bit. Your bum as well.”

A behind-the-scenes image and a Photoshopped final image of David and Jenny.

Only Photo is a pre-wedding photography studio in an industrial park just out of Shanghai, with three floors of ‘old world’ romantic and fantasy sets.

Clockwise from top: The original wedding photo of Pei Pei and Sun, and behind the scenes of their new wedding shoot.

A pre-wedding shoot for those who were denied wedding photos before the cultural revolution

A bride-to-be poses inside the Only Photo studio.

The pre-wedding industry is a moment in time … it’s this real fantasy moment where you are capturing a country dreaming.

Just outside of Shanghai, Thames Town is a themed village modelled on England, whose main use is now as a wedding photo location.

A couple in between takes.

It was like an ordinary paper background, and then you get the beach Photoshopped on. I spent around $5,000.

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