The Apprentice review: Trump, Putin and the subversion of US democracy

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Greg Miller of the Washington Post proves one urgent thing: the Democrats must take the House on Tuesday

Still not convinced the Russians colluded with Donald Trump to make sure he became president of the United States? Greg Miller, national security correspondent of the Washington Post, suggests that you consider this:

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Imagine a scenario in which US national security agencies uncovered secret communications between a powerful political candidate and a foreign adversary. Among the messages were statements of praise of that country’s authoritarian leader and requests for surreptitious campaign help – followed by evidence that enemy spy agencies instigated an interference operation that touched nearly every corner of the election.

Then once in office, that candidate proceeded to secretly demand that efforts by the CIA, justice department and Congress to uncover what had occurred in the election be shut down. Further imagine that he adopted that foreign country’s position on countless issues and attacked its enemies as if they were his own.

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