Syria's 'disappeared': families demand to know fate of their loved ones

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In Syria, over 60,000 people are missing – detained by the state or rebel groups. Relatives are pleading to the UN to find out what happened to them

When the Syrian uprising began as a series of peaceful protests in 2011 Yahia and Maen Shorbaji helped to coordinate demonstrations. The two brothers lived in a suburb of Damascus with their parents, four other brothers and sister, Bayan.

It wasn’t long before the crackdown began. Maen was arrested first during a raid on a friend’s house. He was taken to an area in the outskirts of the city and beaten. It quickly emerged that the police also wanted to arrest Yahia. The police forced Maen to call his brother and tell him that he needed help. Yahia came straight away. He tried to run away, but was arrested.

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People arrested are not given the bullet of mercy – they die from being over-tortured or from untreated disease

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Link : Syria’s ‘disappeared’: families demand to know fate of their loved ones


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