Syria: the fight for Idlib

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A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in northern Syria after the government’s attempt to take back the opposition-held city of Idlib. Bethan McKernan describes how the fighting and freezing conditions have caused hundreds of thousands of displaced people to flee for their lives. Also today: Justin McCurry on the evacuation of the coronavirus-hit Diamond Princess cruise ship

At the Syria-Turkey border, thousands of refugees are fleeing for their lives, having left the opposition-held city of Idlib, which is under assault from government forces back by Russia. More than 900,000 men, women and children have made the journey north in appalling conditions, the largest exodus of people in the country’s long civil war.

The Guardian’s Middle East correspondent, Bethan McKernan, has been following the story and tells Rachel Humphreys that the humanitarian crisis is worsening – as the world watches on.

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