Syria crisis has brought cold war back with a vengeance – UN

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Guterres warns of heightened tensions between Russia and west amid latest Skripal claims

Relations between the west and Russia have deteriorated sharply amid concerns about a US-led military strike in the Middle East, prompting the United Nations secretary general to declare “the cold war is back with a vengeance”.

Adding to tensions on an extraordinary day of tit-for-tat exchanges, the UK published previously classified intelligence making fresh claims about the nerve agent attack in Salisbury, including that Russia had tested whether nerve agents could be applied to door handles.

In theory there are three alternative responses – the first a punitive strike such as the US attack on the Shayrat air base in April 2017 that saw 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles hit the the air base in response to a chemical weapons attack.

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Link : Syria crisis has brought cold war back with a vengeance – UN


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