Stay focused Brexiters – Russia is not the enemy | Stewart Lee

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Better to live free for a day in a Britain full of rogue killers than to live a thousand years as the slaves of Brussels

Last Sunday, diners from the Salisbury Zizzi were belatedly advised to burn all their clothes as a precautionary measure; as was anyone who had ever visited a Jamie’s Italian, but for different reasons. Enemies of Putin expire and nuclear threats are proliferating across the Earth. Perhaps the trademark robust diplomacy of the foreign secretary Boris Johnson, deployed via scatological limericks in his chickenfeed Telegraph column, might defuse the tension?

Needless to say, shameless remoaners are already exploiting the Salisbury poisoning to sabotage Brexit. Is there no pig trough low enough into which they will not now stoop themselves? Even given Russia’s nuclear threats, we must not be so weak as to go dunce’s cap in hand to the Brussels fat-cats who gerrymandered us into building wheelchair access ramps in libraries and planting wild flower meadows. Brexit means Brexit.

Did anyone toxicity test Stephen Hawking’s telescope or Ken Dodd’s tickling stick? Thought not

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