'Some fear war, some don't take him seriously': Iranians' views on Trump

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The relationship between Iran and the US has worsened since Donald Trump came to power – but what do Iranians actually think of America’s new leader?

Donald Trump has been outspoken about his views on Iran. Throughout his election campaign he criticised the nuclear deal made between Iran and the world’s six major powers, including the US. He also said that his predecessor Barack Obama was “too soft” on the country.

As expected, tensions between the two countries have grown since Trump has taken office and the US president has attempted to bar Iranians from entering the US, part of a wider travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. This will affect notable Iranians like Asghar Farhadi, the award-winning director nominated for an Oscar.

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I am stressed about my future. I worry that all the effort I’ve put in will go to waste.

My biggest fear is sanctions and what they may mean for us.

Trump’s hostile approach is only going to make things worse.

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Link : ‘Some fear war, some don’t take him seriously’: Iranians’ views on Trump


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