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The two Russians alleged to have carried out the Salisbury poisonings say they came as tourists to see the historic cathedral and the oldest clock in the world, and seem bemused to be the centre of such a fuss (Report, 14 September). Can I suggest that the mayor of Salisbury sends them a cordial invitation to return as guests of the city, pointing out that in their hurry they missed a visit to Stonehenge and also open day at Porton Down. He would also enjoy serving them tea in his parlour, and giving police protection on their visit.
Anna Ford

• I was intrigued that the wonderful Walter Schwarz (Obituary, 12 September) could continue working for the Guardian after eating too many hash cakes to conduct an interview in the early 70s. I’d understood such tolerance was an exclusive perk for Peace News journalists of that era, as some recompense for our Gandhi-scale wages.
Albert Beale

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