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Michael Meadowcroft wonders if Priti Patel has been the fall guy for secret diplomacy, Nicholas Hall says the Patel debacle is a further insult to all Palestinians and Martin Lamb questions Patel’s choice of the word ‘fulsome’ in her apology. Plus letters from Angela Croft, KC Gordon, Anna Ford, Willy Montgomery Stack and Philip Heselton

There are huge inconsistencies in the Priti Patel and Israel affair (PM’s turmoil grows as Patel quits over Israeli meetings, 9 November). However much one disagrees with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies, he is certainly a consummate politician. Are we really to believe that he would meet casually with a British cabinet minister during her holiday, without being assured that she was Theresa May’s envoy?

If not, then the inevitable outcome that has now unfolded ran too great a risk of damaging his relationship with the UK government. And would Lord Polak have had such a visible role alongside Patel’s holiday politics if he thought that it ran the risk of upsetting the Conservative government. Thus far, despite his decades-long role as the fixer for the highly influential Conservative Friends of Israel, he has been a shadowy figure. Would he really have emerged into the spotlight for such an improbable escapade?

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