'Slow-moving crisis' as Beijing bolsters South China Sea war platform

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US thinktank reveals satellite images showing new munitions depots, radar systems and fighter jet deployments to disputed region in 2017

China has created military facilities about four times the size of Buckingham palace on contested islands in the South China Sea, a new report has said, calling the build-up a “slow-moving crisis” in one of the world’s most dangerous flashpoints.

China built about 29 hectares (290,000 square metres) of new facilities on contested islands in 2017, including munitions depots, sensor arrays, radar systems and missile shelters, according to an analysis by US thinktank the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Control of the South China Sea is one of the most contentious and explosive diplomatic issues in East Asia. For centuries, various regional powers have laid claim to the sea, which is rich in fisheries and serves as a shipping lane for more than half of the world’s oil tanker traffic.

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Link : ‘Slow-moving crisis’ as Beijing bolsters South China Sea war platform


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