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Got a minute? ‘I am not stonewalling’, attorney general testifies … the secret GOP healthcare bill… will Trump fire special counsel?… and everything in US politics. By Tom McCarthy

10.33pm BST

Before he signed a letter recommending the firing of James Comey, attorney general Jeff Sessions may or may not have spoken with Donald Trump about the FBI’s Russia inquiry. We don’t know, because Sessions refused to answer that question Tuesday.

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10.33pm BST

If it comes to a point where the issue is clear and there is a dispute about it, at some point the president will either assert the privilege or not, or some other privilege … It would be premature for me to deny the president a full and intelligent choice about executive privilege.

– attorney general Jeff Sessions

10.32pm BST

Among the questions Sessions declined to answer was whether Trump ordered him out of the room so that he, Trump, could direct Comey to go easy on Michael Flynn (in Comey’s description).

Sessions decries collusion as ‘appalling lie’

10.32pm BST

I don’t know how that occurred. We had finished … a briefing … a number of people filtered out and I eventually left … I left, it didn’t seem to be a major problem. I knew that director Comey … could handle himself well.

– Jeff Sessions

10.31pm BST

Asked about rumors that Trump is considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller, first friend Christopher Ruddy told CNN, “I think it’s a consideration the president has had because Mueller is illegitimate as special counsel.”

Rosenstein testifies

10.30pm BST

Under the regulation, special counsel Mueller may be fired only for good cause and I am required to put that cause in writing. And so that’s what I would do. If there were good cause I would consider it. If there were not good cause it wouldn’t matter to me what anybody says.

– deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, in senate testimony

10.27pm BST

Straightforward from here:

1. Trump fires Mueller
2. Trump appoints himself head of FBI
3. Trump investigates Ted Cruz’s father

10.27pm BST

1/ Fire Mueller. Do it. Fire Mueller.

Do it, because it’s time for the final divorce between the clickservatives and any pretense they….

10.27pm BST

In a baffling subversion of the entire concept of public service, Republican senators ignored calls for them to reveal text of the healthcare bill they are working on, which could threaten insurance coverage for millions of Americans.

10.26pm BST

Republicans are expected to bring the bill for a vote before the Fourth of July recess. If no party members defect, the bill would pass, leading to a negotiation with the House over its version and possible signature by Donald Trump.

10.15pm BST

My advice today: focus 10% of your attention/outrage on Sessions testimony, 90% on the secret health care bill that is speeding to a vote.

10.15pm BST

Republicans’ apparent desire for secrecy seemed to be advanced by a reported change in Senate rules that would prevent reporters from spontaneously interviewing members on camera in hallways. The rules committee later denied the change … developing …

10.14pm BST

I was just told I cannot stand outside of the Budget Committee hearing room to interview lawmakers.

10.14pm BST

Skipping hearings, body slamming a reporter, restricting cameras is usually not a sign of confidence in the popular appeal of one’s agenda

10.14pm BST

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10.14pm BST

When Alia was told the gist of Ivanka Trump’s new book on women in the workplace, she burst out laughing. Her idea of work-life balance, she said, would be if she could see her children more than once a month.

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10.13pm BST

GALLUP: Trump job disapproval hits 60% for the first time. Currently 24 points underwater.

10.13pm BST

Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets. I may have to kill myself.

10.13pm BST

POTUS blocked @votevets ??

10.13pm BST

The Trump Disapproval Crocodile continues to grow teeth

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