Self-segregation: how a personalized world is dividing Americans

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Most people aren’t looking to self-segregate, but the abundance of choice made possible by technology, alongside military privatization, makes it too easy

It’s a fact: while Americans have countless tools with which to connect with one another, we are also watching fragmentation, polarization, and de-diversification happen en masse. The American public is self-segregating, tearing at the social fabric of the country.

Many in the tech world imagined that the internet would connect people in unprecedented ways, allow for divisions to be bridged and wounds to heal – a Kumbaya dream of sorts. Today, those same dreamers find it quite unsettling to watch as the tools that were designed to bring people together are used by people to magnify divisions and undermine social solidarity.

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Private companies focus on ‘culture fit’, emphasize teams that get along, which reinforces existing segregation patterns

What makes people willing to hear difference is knowing and trusting people whose worldview differs from their own

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Link : Self-segregation: how a personalized world is dividing Americans



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