Samsung's $2,000 Galaxy Fold changes the smartphone game

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Folding tablet hybrid shows Asia, not US or Europe, is leading the way in innovation

Samsung has placed its stake in the ground with its Galaxy Fold smartphone-tablet folding phone that is spectacular in every way, even in price, and pitches itself years ahead of its arch-rival, Apple.

Nearly a decade in the making, everything about the Galaxy Fold shouts next generation. It has a standard 4.6in phone screen on the front, but open it up like a book and you reveal a single large 7.3in screen that literally folds in half. No lines, no wrinkles, no visible crinkles. It’s a level of luxury and innovation not seen before, and it comes with a truly eye-watering price tag of $2,000. But no one said breaking boundaries was cheap.

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DJ Koh says today there is a little more competition than there was 10 years ago I would say it is different very different not necessarily more. Chinese brands are way more agile than European and Japanese brands ever were #Unpacked2019 #SamsungEvent

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