Salisbury pair's unlikely story only makes UK's case stronger

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That Russia has responded to UK claims rather than shut up shop shows some nervousness

The explanation by the two suspects in the Sergei Skripal poisoning for their presence in Salisbury in March – a sightseeing holiday diverted by snow – is so implausible that it raises intriguing questions about why Russia chose this alibi and what it says about the health of the state’s propaganda machine.

It is possible the propagandists are so inured to lying without consequence that they genuinely thought the explanation would fly. But if this was an attempt to sow western suspicion that MI6 had got the wrong men, the interview will have had the opposite effect. There will be a small constituency in Britain who think the men’s visit to Salisbury on the weekend of the poisoning was genuinely a fantastical coincidence. But they will be a tiny minority.

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Link : Salisbury pair’s unlikely story only makes UK’s case stronger


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