Russian former spy's daughter is second victim, reports say – live updates

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11.13am GMT

Speaker John Bercow has granted an urgent question on the government’s policy towards Russia.

Conservative Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, will be asking the question at approximately 12.30pm in the House of Commons.

2 UQs from 1230: 1. @TomTugendhat to ask @BorisJohnson for a statement on the policy of HM Government towards Russia. 2. @HackneyAbbott to ask @AmberRuddHR if she will make a statement on the detention centre at Yarl’s Wood. Followed by statement on Water supply disruption

11.03am GMT

Two police officers dealing with the Salisbury incident have been admitted to hospital, the BBC reports, citing a Wiltshire police email.

The BBC’s Tom Symonds says they had minor symptoms including itchy eyes and wheezing.

Two officers dealing with the Salisbury suspected poisoning were admitted to hospital yesterday after suffering ‘minor symptoms’ according to a force wide Wiltshire Police email. Given medical attention and released from hospital yesterday afternoon.

It’s understood the symptoms of the alleged poisoning include itchy eyes and wheezing.

10.55am GMT

The Conservative MP for Salisbury, John Glen, has expressed his concern about Sunday’s events. Writing on Twitter he appealed for the police to be given space to investigate. He also said he had been assured there was no wider risk to public safety.

Very surprised and concerned by events in Salisbury on Sunday. The police now need space to conduct their investigation into the incident in the Maltings, and I am assured there is no wider risk to public safety. #Salisbury #Skripal

10.51am GMT

Skripal’s wife, Liudmila, died of cancer at the family home in Salisbury in October 2012. Her daughter Yulia reported the death to Wiltshire council’s register office and told staff that her father was a retired local government planning officer.

The death certificate recorded Liudmila’s cause of death as disseminated endometrial carcinoma. She and her husband and daughter all lived at the same address in Salisbury, according to the certificate.

10.47am GMT

Bill Browder, the chief executive of Hermitage Capital, who is fighting for justice after the death of his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Russian prison cell in 2009, claims the Salisbury incident was attempted murder.

Speaking to the Press Association, he said: “We don’t know much, but based on the headlines from yesterday, who the person was, his relationship with the Kremlin and the circumstances of his collapse, the first operating assumption should be that this was an assassination attempt by the Kremlin against a traitor of Russia.”

British law enforcement doesn’t have a lot of credibility when it comes to poisoned Russians in the U.K. after the complete failure figuring out what happened to Perepilichnyy in 2012. They continue to say death “wasn’t suspicious”.

10.42am GMT

This map pinpoints the key locations.

10.40am GMT

It may only be coincidence but two of Skripal’s close family have recently died. Now he, and reportedly his daughter, have been found unconscious in Salisbury. His 43-year-old son died in St Petersburg last year. And his wife, Liudmila, died recently of natural causes.

Sergei Skripal’s 43 year old son died last year in St Petersburg while on holiday with his girlfriend after being admitted to hospital with liver failure.

10.27am GMT

The BBC’s Tom Symonds has identified Skripal’s daughter Yulia as the second person found unconscious in Salisbury on Sunday.

BREAKING: BBC has been told that the second victim in the Salisbury suspected poisoning is Yulia Skripal, the daughter of Alexai Skripal. She lives in Russia but we understand she was visiting the UK. Relatives have not heard from her for two days.

10.16am GMT

Here’s a helpful graphic of the scene in Salisbury where Skripal was found unconscious.

10.13am GMT

Freya Church, 27, who spotted the pair “slumped” and “passed out” on the bench told the Press Association, the couple in the CCTV images were “100%” the people she saw on Sunday.

The gym worker, from Salisbury, said: “She was leaning on him, slumped. She looked passed out and he was looking up doing these hand movements (gesticulating upwards with arms). His eyes were glazed. To be honest I thought they were just homeless.”

10.07am GMT

Litvinenko suspect Andrei Lugovoi has suggested the UK is paranoid about the Salisbury incident. “Considering that there are constant incidents in Britain with gentlemen who have fled Russia, there isn’t much to be surprised about here,” he told the RIA Novosti news agency.

He told Interfax: “The English suffer from phobias. If something happens to Russians, they immediately seek Russian fingermarks.”

10.03am GMT

The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, has said she will be seeking assurances from the government. Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, she stopped short of calling for investigations into the mysterious deaths of other Russians on British soil to be reopened. But she said would be writing to the home secretary, Amber Rudd, to ask what assurances she could provide “if it does prove to be the case that the Russian state is involved”.

She said: “I don’t like defaulting to a ‘red menace’ analysis, but we can’t allow London and the Home Counties to become a kind of killing field for the Russian state and its enemies.”

9.49am GMT

Salisbury district hospital, where the pair are being treated, is open as normal.

Salisbury Hospital is open and operating normally. We are advising patients to attend for their scheduled appointments unless they too have been contacted directly and asked not to. @NHSWiltshireCCG @DorsetCCG @WestHantsCCG

Salisbury – Police cordon close to the bench where the couple collapsed.

Police guard Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury.

9.44am GMT

Andrei Lugovoi, the Russian agent believed to be behind the killing of Alexander Litvinenko, has suggested the incident in Salisbury is a false flag operation.

9.40am GMT

CCTV footage has emerged showing a man and woman walking through an alleyway connecting Zizzi’s restaurant in Salisbury and the bench where Skripal was found.

Police took away an image, shot at 3.47pm on Sunday, from a camera at the gym Snap Fitness, according to the gym’s manager. Cain Prince, 28, said: “Police had a good look at the footage and were interested in these two people. It was the only image they took away.

9.34am GMT

Ben Emmerson QC, who represented the Litvinenko family at the inquest in London, called on the government to consider establishing a public inquiry into the suspected poisoning in Salisbury. He said:

If Sergei Skripal turns out to have been the target of a Russian assassination attempt, the prime minister and the home secretary must promptly announces a public inquiry to determine the extent of Kremlin involvement.

Theresa May initially refused to set up a public inquiry into the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko through the administration of the radioactive isotope polonium 210, which the Kremlin believed thought was undetectable.

9.28am GMT

Welcome to live updates on the Russian spy incident as former spy Sergei Skripal fights for his life in Salisbury.

Here’s what we know so far:

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