Rouhani condemns 'recklessness of some states for international values' – as it happened

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11.41pm BST

For full coverage of the developments at the UN general assembly today go to our wrap of events:

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9.29pm BST

The speeches are still ticking along – Paraguay is at the podium right now and 15 other countries are in line – but as the evening approaches in New York, here’s a look at where things stand:

8.56pm BST

The Guardian’s world affairs editor, Julian Borger, writes from UN headquarters in New York on the open derision Trump faced in the general assembly hall.

While most leaders have used their time on the UN stage to list the agreements they have made, the protocols agreed and treaties signed, Trump clearly delighted in telling the world how many such pieces of paper he had ripped up.

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8.36pm BST

The AP has a report on Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s remarks at the general debate this morning.

Rouhani accused the Trump administration of violating “state obligations” from the Obama administration by withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal that Iran signed with the US and five other major powers.

“On what basis and criteria can we enter into an agreement with an administration misbehaving such as this?” Rouhani asked. “It is ironic that the US government does not even conceal its plan for overthrowing the same government it invites to talks.”

8.26pm BST

The morning session of the general debate has adjourned.

And the afternoon session has begun after a break that lasted a couple minutes.

7.55pm BST

Donald Trump also spoke at a luncheon hosted by the UN secretary general today, where he said the United Nations “was like home” to him.

I think we’re an example – certain things we’re doing now toward world peace. We’re truly a direct – has a direct relationship to the time I spent at the United Nations, meeting some of you. Many of you are now friends.

When I first came here, even though I lived in New York, it was a little bit of a foreign territory to me, the United Nations. But now it’s like home. But so many great people, so many great leaders in this room. And a lot of terrific things are happening.

7.29pm BST

Rouhani says the most pressing crisis in the Middle East is the Israel-Palestine conflict.

He then emphasizes Iran is not interested in war with any country.

7.21pm BST

Rouhani continues: “unlawful, unilateral sanctions in themselves constitute a form of economic terrorism.”

He says the US policy with Iran “has been wrong from the beginning.”

7.13pm BST

Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, says his remarks come “as the world is suffering from recklessness and disregard of some states for international values and institutions”

Rouhani doesn’t use Donald Trump’s name, but seems to be taking a direct hit at Trump’s administration and says its policies resemble “a Nazi disposition”

7.03pm BST

Qatar’s emir, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, is speaking about the Syrian conflict.

“We are facing a humanitarian, moral and legal catastrophe,” he says.

6.49pm BST

The are still seven countries to go in the morning session of the general debate, including Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani.

We’ll continue providing updates, but here is a look at where things are so far:

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6.45pm BST

Jordan’s king, Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, begins by saying too many people are victims of inequality and that global terror is “the third world war.”

“All our countries benefit when we unite in common cause,” he says.

6.40pm BST

Emmanuel Macron’s speech to the UN was a pointed rebuke to Donald Trump’s worldview in several areas – protectionism, globalism – but the French president’s comments on climate change stood out, writes Guardian environment reporter, Oliver Milman.

Macron said countries should “stop signing trade agreements with those who don’t comply with the Paris agreement.” Given the US is the only nation on the planet to say it wants to exit the landmark climate pact, it is quite clear where Macron is aiming this jab.

6.33pm BST

Peru’s president, Martin Vizcarra Cornejo, makes his first address to the general assembly – six months after he took office.

Vizcarra Cornejo speaks about Peru’s support of the UN’s anti-corruption measures.

6.27pm BST

The decline in Turkish-US relatons was laid bare today when the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan launched a strong assault on President Donald Trump’s rhetoric of force and unilateralism, writes the Guardian’s diplomatic editor, Patrick Wintour.

Speaking immediately after Trump’s call for patriotism, Erdoğan warned the world will not be able to survive the arbitrary use of sanctions.

6.17pm BST

Seychelles president, Danny Faure, is speaking extensively about climate change.

He says his island see the “stark realities” of climate change every day.

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6.03pm BST

Macron has spoken for three times as long as the UN’s advised, but not enforced, 15 minute speech limit.

“All of this happens because we turn our heads and remain complacent,” Macron says.

5.59pm BST

The White House has published Donald Trump’s full remarks to the United Nations here.

America’s policy of principled realism means we will not be held hostage to old dogmas, discredited ideologies, and so-called experts who have been proven wrong over the years, time and time again. This is true not only in matters of peace, but in matters of prosperity.

We believe that trade must be fair and reciprocal. The United States will not be taken advantage of any longer.

5.48pm BST

“Think about the gaps in GDP,” Macron says. “If we want to create stability and balance, this state of inequality must be addressed.”

Macron says combatting inequality is the priority of the French presidency.

5.39pm BST

Macron says we must take action on climate, demographic and technological challenges.

He says he doesn’t believe in complete openness when it comes to migration, but also doesn’t believe in closing borders. He says the only way to create an effective solution for the modern migration crisis is to address the root causes of migration and dismantling trafficking networks.

5.29pm BST

Macron is zeroing in on areas where he sees protectionism and isolationism creating problems.

“What can resolve the crisis between Israel and Palestine? Surely, not unilateral initiatives,” Macron says.

5.24pm BST

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, is at the podium.

“Everyone here today inherits hope,” he begins.

5.15pm BST

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is up. His presidential term ends in November.

Nieto says democracy is strengthening in Mexico, but concedes: “We recognize that our country is still facing major challenges for human rights.”

4.59pm BST

Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame, speaks about the relationship between the African Union and United Nations.

“The theme for this year’s general debate is making the United Nations relevant to all people,” Kagame says.

4.45pm BST

Erdoğan talks about Turkey being one of the top global providers of humanitarian aid.

He also speaks about how Turkey is home to 2.6 million refugees.

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4.31pm BST

There was a notable absence in Trump’s speech: Russia.

Trump at the UN.
Good places: India, Saudi Arabia and Poland.
Not Good places: Iran, friends of Iran, Nicaragua, Germany, China, OPEC countries, Syria, countries that don’t respect America.
Places not spoken about: Russia.

For a president and national security advisor who keep touting sovereignty, there was a notable absence of Russia from the #UNGA speech. (Georgia and Ukraine might have something to say about how Russia views sovereignty)

4.28pm BST

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is on stage.

Trump might be gone, but Erdoğan quickly makes a veiled comment directed at the US president, criticizing governments that ignore the suffering of Palestinians and have withdrawn aid to help them. The US said it would end funding to the UN’s program for Palestinian refugees earlier this month.

4.14pm BST

Given Trump’s attack on global governance and cooperation, and the US withdrawal from key United Nations programs, his speech takes an unexpected turn as he praises the diversity at the United Nations.

He calls the UN a “beautiful constellation of nations.”

4.09pm BST

Trump says the US is the bigger provider of foreign aid, but its not fair because the US doesn’t get money back.

He announces that US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, will be reviewing its foreign aid contributions.

Trump now using #UNGA speech to say that U.S. will only give foreign aid to “our friends” who “respect us.” Pompeo to lead. Luckily, Congress will have a big say in this process. Both Republicans and Democrats have previously said that this sort of thing is a non-starter.

4.07pm BST

Trump is back to migration.

He says the US respects other country’s migration policies and expects them to do the same.

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4.03pm BST

Trump’s tone is measured, but his comments still mark a dramatic departure from the US’s traditional role at the United Nations.

Trump at #UNGA “America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.”

In what may have been the entire portion of Trump’s #unga speech detailing the strategy underlying current U.S. foreign policy, Trump labeled it “principled realism.” He didn’t really define the term, other than saying that it’s the opposite of “experts,” who get things wrong.

That sucking sound you hear is the last bits of US soft power evaporating through the ceilings of the UN General Assembly.

4.01pm BST

Now Trump is condemning the UN human rights council for “shielding human rights abusers” while criticizing the US.

The US quit the human rights council in June.

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3.57pm BST

“The US will not be taken advantage of any longer,” Trump says, taking aim at China.

Trump’s tone is unusually measured but another bump comes as he talks about foreign products sold in the US, before going back down to talk about trade deficits.

3.55pm BST

For those who missed the general assembly laughing after Trump touted his administration’s successes in his opening remarks, here’s the video:

3.53pm BST

Trump’s tone is picking up slightly as he speaks about Iran, which he says has a “bloody agenda.”

Trump says Iran’s leaders “do not respect their neighbors or borders or the sovereign rights of nations.”

3.50pm BST

Now on to the Middle East.

Trump touts successes in stopping the “bloodthirsty killers of Isis.”

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3.46pm BST

Trump touts US engagement with North Korea, a country which he threatened to “totally destroy” in this forum last year.

He says nuclear testing has stopped, hostages have been released, and missiles are no longer flying across North Korea’s border with South Korea.

3.43pm BST

US president Donald Trump has arrived.

“Today I stand before the United Nations general assembly to share the extraordinary progress we made,” he says.

3.37pm BST

Donald Trump has been busy at the UN general assembly ahead of his remarks today.

Yesterday, the US president announced he would hold a second summit with the “very open and terrific” North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

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3.36pm BST

Back to Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno Garcés, who has called on the US to end its blockade on Cuba.

He is also speaking extensively about migration, saying that people flee because they have no choice.

3.28pm BST

Donald Trump is in the building. Senior White House advisor, Stephen Miller, is by his side.

Trump says “Despite requests, I have no plans to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani,” at #unga. “Maybe someday in the future. I am sure he is an absolutely lovely man!” Maybe we’ll have a chance to ask @realDonaldTrump today whether he was joking about the last bit.

“Iran has to change its tune before I meet with them,” President Trump said upon entering the United Nations ahead of UNGA speech

3.26pm BST

Moreno Garcés explains his countries operating plan called “whole life.”

This starts by taking care of mothers and children, improving education and job prospects and supporting adults, he says.

3.17pm BST

Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno Garcés, is at the podium.

This slot was meant for Donald Trump, but he appears to be running late. So, Garcés has been bumped up in the schedule.

Trump not the first president to miss his speaking slot at the UN. Obama was late during his last speech in 2016 so they moved on to the president of Chad

3.07pm BST

Temer warns about issues with human trafficking, drug trafficking and other forms of transnational crime.

“That can only be effectively tackled through concerted policies and actions,” Temer says.

3.00pm BST

Temer is speaking about the global migration crisis.

“It is our duty to protect them and this is the purpose of the global compact on migration,” he says.

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2.54pm BST

The Guardian’s world affairs editor, Julian Borger, writes from the United Nations on Donald Trump’s latest tweet.

In the early morning message, Trump made a personal rapprochement to Hassan Rouhani, saying he was sure that the Iranian president was an “absolutely lovely man”.

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2.52pm BST

Brazil’s embattled president, Michael Temer, begins by asking how many people have been in this forum and called for an improved global order.

He continues to say it is an important question to ask as: “the challenge is to the integrity of the current international order are many.”

2.43pm BST

Some early reaction to Guterres’s speech:

I’m gonna guess Guterres’ speech – like that of any good UNSYG – would be a giant troll of Trump, intended or not

UN Sec Gen’s speech, like the speech he delivered last year, offered a devastating broadside against the Trump vision of world affairs — and without effort mentioning Trump by name

While Trump prepares for his UN speech focusing on US sovereignty, the SG warns of a “trust deficit disorder.” Guterres says there’s a lack of trust in the rules based global order. “Multilateralismis under fire precisely when we need it most.

IR Nerds: The UN Secretary General just cited both Thucydides and Harvard’s Graham Alison.

2.38pm BST

The president of the general assembly, María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, is on stage to welcome the crowd.

She says this is the only assembly that allows world leaders “to hear and be heard on equal footing.”

2.28pm BST

The speech is veering back to optimism after a bleak rundown of the world’s major conflicts and instability of democratic institutions.

Guterres is speaking about cooperation between countries that have historically been at odds, including improved relations on the Korean peninsula.

2.24pm BST

Now for technology.

Guterres says that rapid technological advances have benefits but also have introduced challenges.

2.19pm BST

Guterres highlights the plight of refugees, warning that countries “who close their borders to migrants only fuel the work to traffickers.”

He is speaking extensively about climate change and the immense threat it poses to the world. “Climate change is moving faster than we are.”

2.14pm BST

Guterres says “with leadership committed to strategic cooperation” the world can avoid war.

He calls the gathered heads of state “guardians of the common good.”

2.08pm BST

UN secretary general, António Guterres, has taken the stage after a video tribute to Kofi Annan, the former secretary general who died in August and a short film about the UN sustainable development goals.

Guterres begins: “Our world is suffering from a bad case of trust deficit disorder.”

2.01pm BST

Yesterday, the French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, warned that Syria faces perpetual war unless Russia agrees to turn the one-month ceasefire in Idlib into a wider UN-endorsed political agreement.

The US national security adviser, John Bolton, also raised the prospect of an endless conflict at the UN general assembly:

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1.52pm BST

Welcome to our live coverage of the United Nations general assembly’s general debate, where world leaders will present their priorities to the international stage.

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