'Reader, it is glorious': watching Vladimir Putin's own TV show

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State-run TV channel Rossiya 1 has begun airing a show dedicated to the Russian leader’s softer side. We asked a writer to watch it and report back

Well, it looks like I have to tear up my list of the year’s best TV shows. Until now, the list had been populated by all the usual suspects – agonisingly self-conscious dramas, single-camera comedies that don’t have any jokes in them, that sort of thing – but now they are all in the bin, because I have just watched the first episode of the new Russian series Moscow. Kremlin. Putin. And, let me tell you, it is something else.

Airing weekly on state-run Rossiya 1, Moscow. Kremlin. Putin is billed as a programme devoted to Vladimir Putin’s activities. Wherever he goes, the cameras follow, although it is often hard to see him thanks to all the fawning aides hurling themselves at his feet like a human carpet.

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Link : ‘Reader, it is glorious’: watching Vladimir Putin’s own TV show


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